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February 2019

Three things should be prioritized before creating strategies that is Content, Traffic, and Revenue that can totally play a role of booster in marketing the product or services we have on board with us. A good and quality content helps you acquire more likes and landing organic traffic to your page or website. Blogging and content generation is not about keep plodding up but also realizing the facts and trends on social media platforms to associate with. Each platform has different methods and strategies to work and on top of that, research is superior to initiate writing. Authenticity: A brand, should not be impetuous in creating the strategy but be clearer in every way whether its service or a product, instead of being ostentatious. Showing more than what you exactly are, can damage your brand image in the eyes of your consumers. Be straight and proud of what you serve, content should portray the image of the brand accurately in the market. If you [...]

January 2019

The way digital marketing has revolutionized in the past decade, it has given birth to many social media platforms which act as a business tool in marketing the projects. Instagram, one of the most used social media application has boosted the sales for many businesses. The way Instagram is amending its algorithm and adding changes for improvement day by day has reflected a lot of zeal and enthusiasm in helping a business. Without further ado, let’s dive into the different trends that can keep your business ahead of the game. Story Ads: With its increasing popularity, people have switched to story ad advertising as it’s the most productive when it comes to the marketing of the brands and services. With more attractive and eye-catching content such as boomerangs incorporated in the stories, it can be used as the most popular tool in the upcoming year. Brand Augmented Reality (AR) Filters: As the technology is enhancing day by day, the wide use of AR filters [...]

November 2018

In today’s world, almost everything has been digitized. An information is incomplete without facts and analytics, that’s where data plays its role. It is the collected form of factual details required for any particular process to be properly executed in digital world. How important is Data in terms of Digital Marketing Industry? Everything is somehow linked to the existence of data in Digital Marketing Industry. Those businesses that are developing themselves to adequately manage data are doing the right thing. They know that having comprehensive information will make their business thrive in today’s world as well as in future. What Kind of Data Is It All About? Facts, figures, audience preferences, past campaign results; in short everything. The more data is collected, the smoother it gets for a particular organization to work on their respective goals. However, all of this data has to be managed effectively otherwise your efforts could go wasted. Why Data Management has become a necessity?   While Data is dubbed [...]

October 2018

Here we are talking about one of the most effective social networks for businesses. There are multiple factors that make LinkedIn the best platform to get business leads, a few of which are mentioned below! It has millions of business professionals from around the world. Connecting with each other is very much easy and convenient. Up to 30,000 connections can be added that means thousands of possible business leads. This social network is specifically structured for companies and business professionals. Increased Marketing Efforts Like any other social media platform, a business has to be more active and vigilant in terms of its existence on LinkedIn. The more a company’s profile is active, the more its content will be shared. Ultimately it will have more followers and will probably catch the attention of the prospective clients. Network Growth Every entrepreneur has to focus on increasing their LinkedIn connections. This is an extremely effective way to generate authentic business leads while getting in touch with connections. [...]

Color psychology studies hues as an element of human actions, and it is used by brands to bring out different reactions. Don’t you feel surprisingly calm when you’re viewing green fields and blue skies? Ever questioned yourself what does the color red symbolize and why does it make you feel considerably alarmed when gazing at a red stop sign? Color Psychology Color has been identified to have an influential psychological effect on how people react and behave looking at certain things. Color can time and again be the only cause why people buy certain products. A survey suggested that 93 percent of consumers said they concentrate on visual appearance, also nearly 85 percent claim that color is the major reason of their purchases! Impact of Colors on People Red – Generates a feeling of urgency, this can be positively used for clearance sales. Boosts appetite, reason why it is habitually used by fast-food chains. Physically stimulates the body, raising blood pressure and heart rate, linked to movement, [...]

September 2018

For the social media strategy of your brand, Pinterest is one of the most essential tools. The landscape of internet keeps on changing and in order to thrive, your business needs to have presence at every social platform. Thinking apart from the ‘Big Four’ players of the social media world, namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn; the platform of Pinterest also has important existence. What People Don’t Know? People are so caught up in setting up their brand’s existence on a few prominent social media channels that they almost forget about this very useful platform. Yes, in a lot of cases Pinterest turns out to be more fruitful in terms of marketing than other digital platforms. Higher Exposer for Your Content Pinterest is visited by a lot of people every day, most of them land on this particular site as a result of web searches. So, if you have put up content on this particular website regarding your business, the chances of it getting [...]