9 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter To Market Your Brand

Businesses are discovering that they can use Twitter to actively promote their brand, generate leads, promote events and interact with customers in real time. Twitter is also a very effective tool for sales, technical support as well as customer service. Your prospects and current consumers are talking about you on Twitter, so you need to listen to what they say and adapt your strategy in this social network to respond to their conversations.

We share some ideas to use Twitter as a marketing channel as it allow you to:

1. Increase your customer base and increase your sales.
Through Twitter you can find “followers” (potential customers) interested in the type of products or services you sell, but still do not know you exist. Do not forget the immense market you have on social networks, and that Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks.

2. Establish stronger ties with your current customers.
Many of your clients are (or will be) on Twitter. Twitter allows you to send tweets with important information for your target market . If you solve their problems with good information, they will turn to you and buy your products or services when they need it.

3. Announce sales promotions and special offers.
Twitter is an excellent communication channel. You can advertise promotions specifically for your followers on Twitter, which will generate a “buzz” to generate new followers among people who need your promotional offers at that time.

4. Improve the positioning of your blog or website.
The tweets that lead to the articles of your blog generate incoming links. And the incoming links represent a little more than 40% of the Google criteria to position a website (or a blog)

5. Communicate your latest news, conferences and events.
The people who follow you are interested in the type of information you give, and in the type of product you sell. For this reason, your Twitter followers may also be interested in your events.

6. Viral marketing
Twitter is viral. When a person likes something, it is forwarded to his audience, among which there will be someone who also loves what you have written, and in turn extends it to his followers. A news, an event, a promotion or an article that they like, will quickly pass “from mouth to mouth”, or said in the manner, from “follower” to “follower”.

7. Branding
If you send good information through your tweets continuously, people will start to know your name on Twitter and pass your information. Thus, your Twitter name which could be a brand name, your company name or your personal name, will begin to be recognized in your sector and obtain a good business or professional reputation.

8. Get feedback from customers.
By being in contact with your customers through Twitter, you can learn what they like about your product, or they will give you recommendations or clues to improve it.

9. Analyze the competition
Twitter also offers a great opportunity to keep an eye on your competitor’s activities. You will get to know about product promotions, events or other marketing activities. You can also see what your competitor’s followers have to say about them such as what they like and what they don’t.

Twitter can help you access a larger market. But to get results, you must use Twitter as part of your Social Media plan (along with other online marketing tools) and use Twitter effectively. On the other hand, you can also consult the team Mystic for a personalized social media plan for your business to boost your digital presence.



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