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February 2020

New year, new time to consider website designing.   The beginning of it is an extraordinary time to think back on the earlier year and your victories and look forward to things that you need to improve and change for driving quality traffic.   And that goes for website design trends and techniques as well.   The various zones of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. Numerous components that picked up notoriety in the later piece of 2019 will keep on developing as patterns in 2020. These slanting components incorporate everything to color decisions, typography and content use, voice and VR interfaces and everything UX. There are so many great things happening in web design right now. Websites help with branding, it encourages the organization to construct validity in the business, and it can help in terms of extending the client base. Obviously, for these positives to occur, [...]

January 2020

An old saying goes, “Choose your words wisely” This little phrase consists of four words only but contains immense meaning. As marketers it​'​s the best lesson to be learned. What is a brand identity? The logo, Slogan, USP, color theme, the tone of voice a brand uses and everything that can remind the customer of the brand; all serves as the brand identities, as the brand owner or marketer, we need to invest the needed time and attention to every single one of these to make sure that the message a brand tries to convey is conveyed; ​ in a way the client visions, the potential customer is engaged in and it helps us reach the goals we have set. What is a Slogan? The taglines or slogans are one-liners explainers which serves as the brand identity. Explaining its qualities, features and value. A tagline also highlights the needs and tells the audience how it can solve the problem or fill the gap in [...]

October 2019

Bringing the right ingredients together is the first step to make an awesome meal, to know and understand the exact portion of every single ingredient is an art. But getting like minded people together to make the foundation of an organization is not as simple. The recipe for this special blend can get pretty complicated! Not just at Mystic advertising but in any organization, it’s no easy job for an HR professional to handpick and select every link of the chain. For the chain to be strong and solid one can look for every link to be at its best strength and fit in perfectly. The chain has to sustain the workload and should be elastic enough to adapt​​ new trends and innovations. At Mystic Advertising, we do not aim for just that, but we also focus on creating a support system where every link in the chain is supporting the other. The primary job of HR is understanding that no human is perfect, and [...]

September 2019

From sitting in large conference rooms, sticking our heads together to the funky cafés, Mystic tribe goes for the idea hunt together and we always manage to find the best ideas, this is how we are breaking the cliché and providing our clients what they need, extraordinary marketing strategies and sale focused campaigns. If you google marketing, it tells you that the action of promoting and selling products is marketing but when you actually try to market a product you will only be able to find some typical and conventional approaches. Typically, highlighting the qualities of a product, talk about how convenient it could be and how it is solving the problem or fulfilling the needs of the customer. The strategy has proven to be good, Simple and specific but the problem with conventional marketing is the audience’s attention span these days, it has reduced to the minimum and the competition has grown wild. Now imagine you have to market a product, retain the [...]

July 2019

Before taking up any job, we always study the organization in question. Checking out where current employees started and where they are now, and how long this took are just a few of the easiest ways of figuring this out. Nobody wants to take up a job without growth potential, and look forward to challenging themselves. Setting yourself apart from the get go is essential in garnering the positive attention and appreciation needed.   Climbing the ladder involves the implementation of a set of methods. Aside from the obvious hard work and dedication, it involves being the employee your peers look up to. Your supervisors tend to take notice when you play the role of the “fixer” that your co workers respect and go to for assistance, or advice. No success is the result of a singular person’s efforts, hence being open to critique and following it shows an open mind, which carries onto being an essential characteristic for any aspiring leader. As you [...]

Marketing is about engaging with your audience at the right place and time. Today, that means you have to meet your audience where they already are - the internet. Digital marketing is the new wave, and the internet provides businesses with the range to reach out to and create more customers. Here are a few unique tips that will help you yield more results from your digital marketing campaign. Use a Visual Tool Visual elements make you stand out from your competition. Using tools such as video ads or even catchy logos, fonts, color schemes and so on can help your audience recognize you. Following an overall aesthetic will help in maintaining engagement with your audience. Allow yourself to refresh your image so that your target audience does not get bored. Keep Your Content Mobile Friendly In the age of the smartphone, there is a very high chance that your audience is viewing your website/ads through their phones. In such a fast-paced world, even [...]