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November 2020

TikTok proved itself to be one of the most vital platforms for video ads. Nearing more than 2 billion downloads to date – it ranks as one of the top apps when it comes to social media. With an app like this – running a marketing agency you should jump into the TikTok bandwagon.  Especially, if your brand’s target audience is GEN Z – you should be looking into TikTok Ads. Below we have mentioned a few creative ideas on how to create TikTok videos. Create a hashtag challenge for your brand TikTok thrives on hashtag challenges; hashtags are very important for searching and sorting the content. Hashtag challenges gain popularity when it comes to TikTok. Every brand has specific challenges tailored as per their criteria – such as #IceBucketChallenge. Even if you search this today you will find all the videos related to the hashtags. Always make your hashtag challenges easy, make it fun, and always have an objective in mind. Be clear [...]

Our audience is basically a route to our success when it comes to social media. The best way to understand your audience is to learn and understand the basic psychology principles. We’ve collected a few basic principles of psychology when it comes to social media by breaking down the key psychology concepts – which you can add in your own social media marketing strategy. People share content which will relate to other people As a marketer it’s important that you share content which will be helpful for others and the audience can relate to it. Apart from that, relevant content also helps you stay connected. Also, sharing content about the facts and general knowledge knowing what your audience would like to see. Most people on social media are visual learners Visual aid is your best friend when it comes to engaging your audience online. A study from Current Health Science Journal shows that 65% of social media audience is visual learners.  A visual component [...]

Whenever you check Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms you usually see business to consumer (B2C) companies blowing our minds with their awesome marketing tactics targeting customers directly. If you think – you will rarely re call a textile company providing stocks to export company coming up with irresistible ideas on social media. It’s not that they’re not good with marketing but they’re rare. As per the market knowledge, many B2B companies struggle with marketing tactics or they feel like there is no need to it. Unlike B2C companies the B2B companies are still dependent on traditional ways such as networking, cold calling etc. These tactics are still valid and should be used but these tactics cannot be applicable on social media. Instead, B2B companies should integrate better strategies for socials and for better results. Here’s what you can do to work on your B2B marketing strategies: Be found – get the website Having a website is what will get you know in [...]

October 2020

Mystic – is a UAE based agency; serving clients from around the globe. Every ship has a creator, a captain and an anchor. On a bright sunny morning two passionate young men namely Abdullah Gadit and Husnain Minawalla planned and ideated their goal and brought it to life and that is Mystic. They just did not create the ship but also captained it and became its anchor whenever the ship hit a rock bottom. Today – it’s been a decade that Mystic is running in the industry with 100% customer satisfaction and work that speaks for itself. We sat down with the creators of Mystic – understanding the strategy, struggle and the win of Mystic. In one sentence, tell us about Mystic. Mystic is one of the leading agencies in UAE – just under a decade! How large is the team at Mystic? How did they take the COVID hit?   When UAE market suffered from the dread of COVID-19, as per the response [...]

When it comes to social media marketing most of the time you hear people suggesting Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Tik Tok – people will rarely suggest Pinterest for targeting your audience. A lot of content developers and businesses think that Pinterest is not the right platform for your business. Pinterest marketing is a concept that may not be doing well in the digital marketing world because of the perception that it carries i.e. only bloggers, DIYs, and artsy people use it. And if you go through Pinterest most of the time you will only see these categories – but honestly, Pinterest is more like a search engine. Pinterest is a resource where a lot of industries display different types of content – such as you will find anything from automobiles to baby shower ideas. This diversity is the major reason which attracts a high volume of traffic if displayed in the right manner. So, here are a few strategies to drive high-volume traffic [...]

The big brands globally are using Tik Tok currently for their brand awareness. They’re mostly targeting younger audience by showing the fun side of corporate brands. Tik Tok requires specific clear strategy and that is that brands have to let themselves loose when it comes to creativity. When it comes to Tik Tok a simple influencer endorsement won’t get you through – the creativity needs to be top notch when it comes to putting your content on Tik Tok. While understanding how Tik Tok marketing works - always know first how your brand can utilize Tik Tok as a brand primer for successful brand evolution. Who is taking over Tik Tok? Before you divert your brand’s marketing to Tik Tok understand who is taking over the content. Basically, what type of audience will you receive on Tik Tok. Gen Z has taken over Tik Tok as per stats (ages 13-22) creates majority of the content. Older generations always used social media as a mode [...]