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April 2018

Do you know that the play button is the most compelling call to action of any digital marketing strategy? That explains the need for marketing managers to create video content that converts. Research supports the power of this audiovisual format; so much that in two years, 80% of all Internet traffic will be video. Creating video content that help you convert will open the doors to an unstoppable conversion market. It is a support with a high power of engagement by itself. If you give it good background, with interesting stories, it can be a lethal weapon to achieve your goals. But what does that ability to engage video content provide? The fact that it combines images, words, text and sounds means that it transmits more information in a few seconds than any other type of content. In this way it also makes it easier to provoke emotional connections; and remember: emotions sell. The impact of video on users Video is a very powerful [...]

March 2018

As a writer, I believe that content is extremely crucial when it comes to your digital marketing success. However, with a great content strategy you can actually double the chances of success. For content strategies you can have a lot of great ideas, but it entails experimenting to take you and your company to the top.  Not every content plan works out for every business but let me introduce you some amazing tried and tested strategies that work miraculously for almost everyone. In my experience, I have experimented with these ideas and discovered that they work. Here’s how:   Strategy 1: Reinvent your brand Set aside a good budget to give a modern touch to the classics of your brand. Some beautiful and eye-catching photos are important for the success of your marketing, reinvent your brand in social sites with weight in photography like Instagram and Snapchat. Traditional companies have equal or more opportunities than the new ones by expanding into social media. Strategy [...]

Before we find out what’s in the store for us in this 2018, we thought why not take a glimpse back at all the most influential, successful, unusual ad campaigns of 2017 for the inspirations! We’ll tell you what made them exceptional as a benchmark to be followed this year! Let’s take a look! Dubai - #BeMyGuest: The Ad campaign featuring the King of bollywood, Shahrukh Khan took the internet by storm last year. The department of tourism, Dubai did an amazing job. It is shown in the campaign that how Shahrukh Khan who considers Dubai to be his second home is reminiscing the days spent at Dubai while rejoicing the new adventures. He also surprises his fans at random places and welcomes everyone to dubai in his signature style, to “#BeMyGuest.” Vodafone - FAKA: The campaign gave Vodafone an unparalleled distribution network in the country and strengthened its presence in the marketplace, as Vodafone “Fakka” micro re-charge cards have become a new [...]

  Social media is now a substantial part of every marketing strategy but what we need to understand is social media marketing is far more than an online popularity contest, and the sooner people realize its importance, the better they can use it for their businesses. Here are five advantages to social media that business owners need to understand.   Legitimize your brand: An active presence in social networks helps the company to strengthen its brand. The more followers and likes you have on social media, the more chances are of customers buying your products/services. The reviews on social media by your old customers make it more easy to gain new customers. Easier customer service: Generating comments and publications with relevant content will strengthen the link with customers not only this but the viral effect of social media also makes promotions and offers spread quickly. Revolutionize your traffic: Search Engine Optimization is truly revolutionary! Being able to rank in the top positions for your keywords [...]

February 2018

We encourage companies these days to realise the change in social behaviour of consumers in the digital world so they can avail the competitive advantages it has to offer! Always to keep in mind that the digital world is as beneficial to the big industries as well as SMEs. Below you can check out how to make your digital marketing strategies aligned with your company’s goals. The tools are same for almost every platform, the strategy however differs a lot in this case!   Specification: Don’t just go with the flow! Start with the end in mind. As per your industry and the your brand’s current presence in the market, your marketing team should set out expectations from the digital, as per the business goals of that quarter, 6-months or  year. Before you start, it’s good to know on which social media platform you’ll market your product and how! Also know how far you want to go with that! This might seem trivial and [...]