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July 2018

Before we jump directly into the reasons, let us first understand what Google AdWords is. Google AdWords is a service related to advertising provided by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. The AdWords program lets businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. The ad service is largely focused on keywords. So, why use Google AdWords? 1. No huge initial Investment This is one of the main reasons why businesses use Google AdWords. Google AdWords comes with a small initial investment. You need to pay only a small amount of money to create an AdWords account; thereafter you can bid on the best keywords. Therefore, with each click, a certain amount is billed and if no click happens, no amount is to be paid. 2. Set and monitor Budget You can set and monitor your own budget with Google AdWords, thereby reducing any overspending. After the account is made, the [...]

June 2018

Just eight years back, Mashable came up with the idea of Social Media Day on June 30, 2010. Yes, it is the day dedicated to one of the most thriving aspects of the internet world as social media users are dramatically increasing with each passing day. We know there are a lot of social media platforms that have become an extremely important part of our today’s world as well as everyday life. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and the list goes on like this. Many of these names didn’t even exist if we go almost 15 years back in time, but today a lot of people cannot even imagine their very existence without all these platforms. Why is it important to celebrate #SMDay? In the past few years the world has seen a lot of dramatic changes owing to the developments in the world of digital media. Now almost ever other business makes use of the social media platforms available to promote their products/services because [...]

The battle is on and is getting intense with each passing day. Calling it another impactful step by Instagram won’t be wrong. The launch of the new video app that lets you post videos up to an hour long video isn’t less than a surprise for instagrammers around the world. This newly launched in-app video feature by Instagram is called ‘Instagram TV, shortened as IGTV’ and it allows almost everyone on Instagram to upload their videos up to 1 hour in length and broadcast it publicly or among their followers. Instagram has eyed on bigger targets with this new feature. What are actually those ‘Bigger Targets’? While elaborating those ‘Bigger Targets’, we must tell you that it doesn’t mean that creator of this app are aiming for celebrities and media companies to make use of it. They want regular users to create engaging content and make it viral in order to come directly in competition with Snapchat and YouTube that are already out with [...]

May 2018

In a world that is constantly increasing it’s horizon with respect to visual expression and communication, finding a graphic designer that suits your need is no less of a task! So I am breaking it down to you how I, as a creative head at one of the leading advertising agency, have built my team! Let us just start with a few basics and quickly have a look at some features that define a designer: Creative Proactive Analytical Empathic Versatile The 8 main tasks of a graphic designer A graphic designer, contrary to what many may think, is not someone who only makes sketches and presents you the design of your dreams the first time. Not really, a designer has to work a lot and long hours of work. From my experience, Graphic designers work on so many crucial tasks that seem trivial to an ordinary mind, but are the backbone of the company image. In particular, the 8 most important tasks that the [...]

Businesses are discovering that they can use Twitter to actively promote their brand, generate leads, promote events and interact with customers in real time. Twitter is also a very effective tool for sales, technical support as well as customer service. Your prospects and current consumers are talking about you on Twitter, so you need to listen to what they say and adapt your strategy in this social network to respond to their conversations. We share some ideas to use Twitter as a marketing channel as it allow you to: 1. Increase your customer base and increase your sales. Through Twitter you can find "followers" (potential customers) interested in the type of products or services you sell, but still do not know you exist. Do not forget the immense market you have on social networks, and that Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks. 2. Establish stronger ties with your current customers. Many of your clients are (or will be) on Twitter. Twitter [...]

April 2018

Hi guys, this is Rizwan Haq, the social media executive at Mystic Advertising. Today I’ll take you on a journey of what’s it like to be Social Media Executive and why everyone in the industry fancy to be at Mystic.If there is one position in a Marketing Department that needs to be flexible, that is the position of Social Media Executive. Not only do we need to keep up with the changing policies and features of social media platforms, but our responsibilities also evolve as the marketing strategies matures.I usually begin with checking my emails in the morning followed by overseeing all company social media account management. I usually then prioritize my workflow according to the coordination with internal team and client requirements. Also, most of the time I am working very closely with other departments to develop social media timelines coinciding with new product releases, ad campaigns, or other brand messages and that has got to be a favorite part of our jobs! [...]