How to Boost Employee Productivity with E-learning?

How to Boost Employee Productivity with E-learning?

September 29, 2022, Author: mystic-admin_@

Before we begin discussing to boost employee productivity with E-learning, let’s clarify its concept.

E-learning or Electronic Learning is based on formalized teaching but with the help of electronic resources. It is essential for training, learning, or education given online via a computer or any other digital device, with books rapidly being replaced by electronic instructional resources.

To put even more emphasis on this topic, these are the top five industries in the world that are converting to electronic learning: education, multinational corporations, healthcare, e-commerce, and technology.

E-learning has shown to be the most effective method in the business sector, particularly for organizations that tend to offer professional training programs for their employees in order to boost employee productivity.

Employees can learn essential skills while sitting in a boardroom or through seminars held for employees of the same or various organizations under one roof.

According to a Dow Chemical analysis from 2002, online learning consumes 40-60% less staff time than traditional training.

Several well-known firms are now providing electronic learning to employees so that they can complete training at their own speed and boost employee productivity.

According to LinkedIn data from 2018, 90% of organizations now provide web-based training to their workers.


Convenient and Flexible Access:


E-learning is convenient and flexible, the courses are effortlessly accessible from anywhere and anytime. This means that employees can train or catch up on classes while they commute.

Everyone has a tight schedule and for people who work remotely or travel on a regular basis, it’s not always possible to attend classes, so the employee can access their training when they have time, when their energy levels are maximized it’s easy to squeeze in an hour of eLearning during a flight, during their lunch break, on a comfy couch or from their offsite location.

This means that the employees aren’t put under any unnecessary pressure. Employees can be more productive when they can choose when and where they want to train and that’s how they can boost employee productivity.

Interactive Sessions:


With gamification, videos, and other interactive content, E-Learning can greatly increase your employee’s engagement with and retention of key information. LMS, Kahoot, and many other applications offer quizzes and games that help in creating interactive sessions.

One of the greatest benefits of E-Learning for employee training and development is that you have a world of content formats at your fingertips. videos, notes, infographics, games, and other content types make eLearning engaging for everyone.

Courses contain game-like elements. Learners, when they complete a given task successfully, are leveled up or awarded a badge or given points. These motivate learners, inspiring them to perform well in the workplace and boost employee productivity.



Employees save money by not needing to go to another location for training. E-learning courses can also be reused and modified without incurring additional costs. You can learn everything you want, regardless of your line of employment, just by paying a subscription.

Online learning offers various advantages at a cheaper cost than traditional learning. Because online courses allow flexibility with 24/7 access and no additional expense, the employee is motivated because he will not have to spend a lot of money.

As a result, the employee will be more engaged and it will boost employee productivity.



It’s no secret that the world is becoming more and more mobile. More and more people are working on laptops, tablets, or smartphones than ever before. People today spend maximum time using their phones, computers and other technology.

This is what they are comfortable with, particularly the younger generation stepping into the workplace, namely millennials and Gen Z employees.

In a fast-moving world of today, E-learning helps to boost employee productivity and is accessible anywhere – anytime.

In fact, recent studies show that 93% of all employees use a smartphone for work purposes. Employees prefer using gadgets for training as they are already fond of today’s new gadgets: Ipads and Tabs.

Accessible Facilitation from Experts:


Almost all training can be delivered online, but sometimes there is still a need for live facilitation and expert support. Online training offers provision for employees that they can learn in their own time at their own pace while still having experts to facilitate them.

Question and answer features, chat forums, and webinars are just a few of the ways that employees can get access to the live, personable guidance that they need. Plus, features that allow recording webinars and live tutorials ensure that no one misses out.

It also allows learners to take courses that meet their level of expertise. Rather than participate in generic training, employees now have the option to select beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses personalized to their experience.

In traditional or in-person training, this type of flexibility isn’t always available.

Widespread Connection and Standardization:


Employees traditionally struggled to communicate in an environment with various teams, departments, and geographically separated locations due to a lack of technology.

With e-learning, you can now interact with all departments and geographically distributed offices and keep them up to speed on work from anywhere and at any time.

Organizations can deliver the same content in the same way to all of their employees around the world.

Not only will employees attend the same live sessions, but they will be able to interact with other team members that they do not have access to in the physical office

Final Thoughts:

Notably, UAE has made significant investments in establishing world-class IT infrastructure, hence contributing to scientific and technological advances.

E-learning is another area of technology that benefits every sector. And since the advantages encourage individuals to perform more effectively, boosting employee productivity with electronic learning is something every organization should invest in.

Employees can communicate with one another and learn using online apps; it is convenient, cost-effective, and has become a worldwide form of communication.

Mystic Advertising, being an Advertising Agency, practices the use of e-learning to connect with different clients from all around the world. It also helps us to train our workers to be able to work with our clients and connect with them from wherever they are and at anytime

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