Celebrating Success: 10 Years of Mystic

Celebrating Success: 10 Years of Mystic

March 11, 2022, Author: mystic-admin_@

It is the 10th anniversary of Mystic Advertising’s journey in the world of Digital Marketing and Multimedia!

For 10 years of Mystic, we celebrate our accomplishments and look back at how far we have come. But we also look forward to the future with renewed resolve.

We look to expand, grow, and continue to strive for the best and achieve greatness where we previously thought impossible.

Read more to see where it all began and where Mystic plans to go in the future.


Our Story behind 10 Years of Mystic:

Mystic Advertising was the brainchild of our founder Abdullah Gadit. He set out to create an agency fueled by a desire to fill the gap between expertise in marketing and technology.

He sought to create a new benchmark – an agency proficient in the digital world and the business world.

After years of experience, diversification, and mastering the latest technologies, Mystic Advertising has grown into one of the most prominent digital marketing agencies in the UAE.

From humble beginnings, we have expanded our service portfolio to encompass SEO, Graphic Design, Web Development, Video Production, and more.



What is the secret to our success?

We have a set of principles that we believe in and implement at every stage of our growth. In 10 years of Mystic, we have ensured that we remain true to our original purpose and abide by a set of standards that guarantee excellence in every service we provide. Some of our core principles are:

1. Customer Care

Mystic Advertising strongly believes in customer care and satisfaction. We prioritize our relationship with our clients, no matter how big or small, and ensure that each project, service, or product satisfies the client’s particular needs.

Part of Mystic’s culture is talking to our clients, listening to their concerns, and incorporating their vision into the final result. We realize the importance of customer satisfaction, and we believe it should be a core principle in all establishments.

Read more about why taking care of your customers is essential here.

2. Quality

We believe in consistently delivering the best, even if it means putting in extra effort for our clients.

At Mystic, we realize that every client, project, and company is unique. We aspire to exceed each one’s expectations, strengthen their brand image, and make them stand out. To do that, we take out time to create a variety of packages and services which will ensure the best results for our customers.

3. Expertise

Actions without intent can be damaging for a business, which is why we at Mystic believe in hiring only the best professionals.

From SEO experts to creative graphic designers and skillful web developers, we invest in our team and ensure they deliver the best results for both our company and others.

For more information on what services we carry, visit our website.

Our Journey:

How did we grow into what we are today?

Our team has worked tirelessly since 2012 to develop and expand Mystic into a successful enterprise in the UAE. Our motivator is innovation. We continuously look out for new opportunities and the latest ideas, which help us stay ahead of our competition.

At Mystic, we realize the importance of digital fluency in the 21st century. We hire relevant experts, maintain valuable contacts, and constantly research upcoming marketing strategies.

By doing all this and more, Mystic continued to diversify its services and grew into the established agency it is today.

Our Future:

Now, with 10 years of Mystic behind us, what does the future hold?

The world is constantly changing, and technology continues to develop at an exponential pace. New algorithms, applications, and methodologies are arriving quicker than ever before.

Novel entrepreneurs and established businesses alike must work hard to keep up with the changing digital landscape. That is why Mystic strives to learn and grow in the changing times.

Through this, we can continue to facilitate businesses on their transitions to digital platforms and help them stay ahead of their competitors.

Although we are already a 360 marketing agency, we plan to further refine and expand our services so that we may establish ourselves as the finest one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs in the UAE.


We are ecstatic to celebrate this landmark anniversary in Mystic Advertising’s ongoing journey in the world of digital marketing. We are incredibly proud of our dedicated team and endlessly grateful to all our clients, both new and old, who have worked with us and value our services.

Although these 10 years mark incredible growth and success, we cannot help but look back to where we started and look forward to all the opportunities future may hold.

We hope that Mystic can continue along this prosperous trajectory, building new connections and empowering businesses to form their own unique and flourishing identities.

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