Factors to consider before you build your own app

//Factors to consider before you build your own app

Factors to consider before you build your own app

The digital world is evolving like never before – one day you know something is trending; the other the trend dies down and something else surfaces on the internet. In amidst of all the trend shifting you may wonder how the applications survive?

But, what are the winning factors behind the applications which keep them surviving and sustaining over the other apps. There are a lot of factors – we identified five factors to consider before you build your own app.

  1. Supporting Platforms

You will first have to consider the platform where your app will be located. The two ideal platforms are Android and iOS – where as per the statistics Android wins when it comes to locating your app. Along with deciding on the platform you, should consider the devices where your app would be operated.

A device works as per its operating system – This idea gives you a perspective that how you want to build your app – as the specifications, dynamics, layouts etc are different.

  1. A strong development team

A strong development team is necessary – you may think in the beginning but why do I need a bigger team? You need a bigger team because you may want to operate your app on both the operating systems for testing purposes – for which you will require equal amount of labor to work on both the ends.

Imagine one person working on the app for both operating systems – it would take double the usual time costing you more labor hours and money. If you’re developing an easy app such as a flashlight app – for which data doesn’t require to be saved anywhere then you do not need a lot of labor employed.

When you develop an app where users have to do registration after the download – the usernames, email addresses, contact details and passwords are saved in app’s database. The users giving ratings or communicating to someone through the app gets stored in the cloud.

This is where it gets complex and you require a strong web development to help you build your app without failing.

  1. Building the infrastructure

App hosting is important – In order to build a solid infrastructure you will have to partner with a hosting service. The best hosting service will provide you security and reliability.

  1. Services

Use pre-existing services to your advantage as you start to work on your app. You can integrate with already existing servers. All you have to do is go through an integration process and voila! Now, before you start building your app and like a headstrong start these services from the foundation – wait! Look out, if there are pre-existing services which can be integrated with your account.

  1. Tools

Just like the services which are already available – there are pre-existing tools as well which can be used. To save your labor and time look for the preexisting tools to help build your app. The tools include designs, templates, vectors and other components. All you have to do is just like a shutterstock image buy a pre-existing tool from the relevant website – and use it for your own app.

Starting a mobile app development may sound like an exciting idea but it requires a lot of back end work – consider all the five factors mentioned above and research the market like a hawk before you lay down your plan on the table. Happy App Development!


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