A Guide To Clubhouse App: How To Get An Invite?

A Guide To Clubhouse App: How To Get An Invite?

February 27, 2021, Author: mystic-admin_@

So what Clubhouse really is? It is a networking app that allows audio chats. Registered users can listen to or conduct podcasts, conversations, interviews, and discussions. These audio chats are conducted life but exclusively for registered and invited members.

The first and most important point to elaborate on in this guide to Clubhouse app is that everyone can download the app and create a user account but you can not listen or take part in any conversation until and unless an existing member of Clubhouse invites you in. In other words, it is just like a real-life elite club but virtual.

Upon joining you get to choose topics of your interest including technology, literature, health, entertainment, and many more. Based on these selections you get to be part of discussions that are related to your fields of interest. Moreover, these discussions are free to join for everyone who has a friend in those chats and discussions

Features of Clubhouse:

The clubhouse is a voice-only network platform. As the maker stated that they believe voice is a very special medium. Members can easily convey their thoughts and ideas without worrying about their looks and appearance.

When members open the Clubhouse application they will come across a room where people are discussing different topics in different rooms

If someone wants to point out something in a discussion or ask a question they just need to raise their hand, and speakers will decide whether to take your questions or not.

What happens inside Clubhouse stay in Clubhouse:

The credit behind Clubhouse’s fame goes to its exclusivity to some extent. Apart from being invited by an existing member is the only gateway to the Clubhouse app it also does not allow saving or replay discussions, chats, or conversations once they are ended.

Due to high privacy standards and fewer censorship regulations, numerous prominent names from different walks of life don’t mind sharing their ideas, and thoughts, and having discussions regarding various topics openly. Clubhouse ensures that whichever discussions are held life exclusively for the members of Clubhouse will not be published or broadcast anywhere else, except the special case of Elon Musk’s interview which was broadcasted on Youtube as well.

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A sudden growth in its popularity.

Although Clubhouse has been around for quite some time now, it’s March 2020 to be specific but it only had around 1500 users in May 2020 and the number of active users jumped to 2 million by February 2021. The main reason behind this sudden popularity is none other than Elon Musk who conducted an audio chat with the CEO of Robinhood Vlad Tenev on Clubhouse. Due to the excessive number of listeners, the audio chat maxed out the limit of the conversation room, so they had to stream it on Youtube as well.

As a result of this Clubhouse received millions of registrations, not just that but also topped the startup charts which led it to become a company valued at $1bn.

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How to get invited to Clubhouse:

This is the most interesting part about this app that it only allows its members to avail the benefits of Clubhouse features. Now you must be thinking about how to become a Clubhouse member. So here is a guide to Clubhouse’s invitation feature. Well, its exclusivity only allows new members to enter if they get a joining invitation from an existing member. In short, if you want to be a part of this exclusive app, you need to have a friend or a connection who is already a member of Clubhouse.

Furthermore, existing users have a limit of only two invites to send. This limit might increase in the upcoming days.

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The future of Clubhouse:

In a recent blog post, Clubhouse officials mentioned that they are planning to launch a beta version of Clubhouse very soon as their 2021 goal. It will allow the world to be a part of Clubhouse and avail its features such as being a part of conversations, podcasts, and discussions.

Whether Clubhouse will be able to maintain the pace of growth and how much success it will be able to gather in 2021 the time will tell but we are sure that our guide to Clubhouse will be of great use to you all.

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