How to choose the Perfect Graphic Designer for your organization?

In a world that is constantly increasing it’s horizon with respect to visual expression and communication, finding a graphic designer that suits your need is no less of a task! So I am breaking it down to you how I, as a creative head at one of the leading advertising agency, have built my team!

Let us just start with a few basics and quickly have a look at some features that define a designer:

  • Creative
  • Proactive
  • Analytical
  • Empathic
  • Versatile

The 8 main tasks of a graphic designer

A graphic designer, contrary to what many may think, is not someone who only makes sketches and presents you the design of your dreams the first time. Not really, a designer has to work a lot and long hours of work.

From my experience, Graphic designers work on so many crucial tasks that seem trivial to an ordinary mind, but are the backbone of the company image.

In particular, the 8 most important tasks that the designer who works independently or independently must do are:

  1. Capture the business philosophy of its clients.
  2. Analyze, create and update the identity of brands.
  3. Create sketches to interpret the tastes of the client.
  4. Perform different reviews of the works.
  5. Provide recommendations and marketing solutions.
  6. Meet deadlines.
  7. Keep your clients informed about trends.
  8. Have an action plan in case of possible work fails.

This profession involves a long process of creation and work of attention and maintenance with clients.

How to find a graphic designer and hire the best?
As I have been saying, identifying a good professional in this area is very important in order to be able to make a final decision. Be assured that your designer is professional and passionate about his work, & he will not stop until he hits the nail and keep your corporate image in line with today’s world.

Selection criteria to choose the best designer

Before rushing and selecting the right professional for you, once you have taken note of everything that I have told you so far , I recommend that you prioritize your goals and define very well what type of services you want to hire.
In this sense, consider what your priorities are, while I leave you with a series of criteria that could equally be useful as you look for graphic designers for your business:

On an average budget, you should be able to find mid-level graphic designers with good enough skills. But on the contrary, if you have financial limitations, you will surely have to sacrifice some of your requirements. To make way for a beginner designer you may need to put your extra hours to train a resource. In most cases, even the beginner level designers can take inspiration from your inputs and bring something to the table, but it will be you who will be providing the main ideas and the designers can follow from there.
If you have some graphic design experience yourself, than you may be able to win even with a younger talent. But if you are a business owner and don’t know much about this field, then I would recommend hiring a polished graphic designer who can add his invaluable efforts that will lift up your brand and your business (which was the ultimate goal).

This is usually a high priority criterion, since the style of the designer will lead to more or less satisfied results. And their style will also define the brand image of your clients. So, focus on their style, have a deeper look into their portfolio to grab their workstyle.

Timely delivery is the key in most cases. Nothing’s worse than receiving a task so late, that it makes your entire team slow paced. For hiring a person who is expert with fast results and knows how to deal with the deadlines, you’ll need to invest more too. (But it would be worth it, I promise)

When we think about experience, it is not limited to the number of years someone has been doing his/her job. Apart from the numbers, we can also find testimonies from people of their previous job about their work ethic and dedication. Several online platforms like LinkedIn and Behance can be very helpful for finding the reviews to shortlist your next Graphic Designer!

Apart from face to face meetings, your designer must be able to communicate through Skype, Facebook and any other online medium in order to ensure availability as and when required. He or She must be able to take instructions over the call. I am emphasising because it’s important for a graphic designer to understand directions so the work can be done on time and according to the need of clientele. Otherwise what you end up with is a project submission 2 days after the deadline and the work according to the requirements of your graphic designer and not your client!



A good graphic designer must be a competent professional, committed to his work. You need to identify which of the above mentioned aspect is suitable for your project. It is essential to get the best results and benefit your brand of all the advantages of taking care of the visual aspect.

A designer has many great creative qualities, and within your area you can count on specific services that adapt to a greater or lesser extent to what you need .

As in everything, you must prioritize what your requirements are when working with a Graphic Design professional. Otherwise, a professional and experienced Digital Marketing Company is at your service at all times to provide to the best graphic design services for most reasonable rates!

Unaiz Malik

Creative Head


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