5 Ideas For Creative TikTok Videos

5 Ideas For Creative TikTok Videos

November 23, 2020, Author: mystic-admin_@

TikTok proved itself to be one of the most vital platforms for video ads. Nearing more than 2 billion downloads to date – it ranks as one of the top apps when it comes to social media and TikTok Videos are considered to be one of the best ways of Promotion and Marketing.

With an app like this – running a marketing agency you should jump into the TikTok bandwagon.  Especially, if your brand’s target audience is GEN Z – you should be looking into TikTok Ads. Below we have mentioned a few creative ideas on how to create TikTok videos.

Create a hashtag challenge for your brand

TikTok thrives on hashtag challenges; hashtags are very important for searching and sorting the content. Hashtag challenges gain popularity when it comes to TikTok.

Every brand has specific challenges tailored as per their criteria – such as #IceBucketChallenge. Even if you search this today you will find all the videos related to the hashtags.

Always make your hashtag challenges easy, make it fun, and always have an objective in mind. Be clear about what message your video challenge gives.

Educational TikTok videos:

You may have a perspective that TikTok is only for fun video posting and challenges. But it’s one of the most used platforms by youth and educational videos in an approachable manner can be a good investment to this platform.

Some medical practitioners have created videos explaining COVID-19 and safety measures – which did reach a bigger audience through TikTok. It’s a perfect place to reach a younger audience and influence them with the right information.

Tutorial Videos:

Just like educational videos – Tutorials work really well when it comes to TikTok videos.

Makeup Tutorials are not the only tutorials that run on Tik-Tok – fitness tutorials became a thing with COVID-19 a few brands even started giving tutorials on basic first-aid so people do not have to rush to the medics and stay safe during the pandemic.

Participate in a viral craze:

Be it a dance challenge, a crazy dress-up challenge, or an activity that goes viral – participate in such TikTok videos and be a part of them.

Brands can be a part of this and they can even profit out of it by promoting their products through viral craze, so people remember it.

Run a contest:

UGC competitions always hype up the credibility and reach of a brand – mostly when it comes from the influencers with higher following and reach and whom people trust.

UGC saves you a lot of money and time as the content is produced by the users for your benefit.


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