The battle is on and is getting intense with each passing day. Calling this Instagram feature, another impactful step won’t be wrong. The launch of the new video app that lets you post videos up to an hour-long video isn’t less than a surprise for Instagrammers around the world.


This newly launched in-app Instagram feature is called ‘Instagram TV, shortened as IGTV’ and it allows almost everyone on Instagram to upload videos up to 1 hour in length and broadcast them publicly or among their followers.


Instagram has eyed bigger targets with this new feature.


What are actually those ‘Bigger Targets’ of this new Instagram feature?


While elaborating on those ‘Bigger Targets’, we must tell you that it doesn’t mean that the creators of this app are aiming for celebrities and media companies to make use of it.


They want regular users to create engaging content and make it viral in order to come directly in competition with Snapchat and YouTube which are already out with a similar feature.


A platform with 1 billion users!


Yes, it has been officially confirmed and announced that Instagram now has about 1 billion active users around the world. Of course, it is going big with each passing day and now with the launch of this amazing Instagram feature called ‘IGTV’, the platform of Instagram is expected to reach new heights of popularity.


For almost every region around the world, this feature has been introduced with the recent Instagram update.


Things are still under-development as some people have already started using this feature and the rest have not updated their applications so they might not be aware of the new in-app updates.


How celebrities are responding to this update?



The results are not much different than anticipations. The world of stardom is all about getting connected with people with the help of every platform that is commonly used and publicly available.


This new video app of Instagram has made it perfect for celebrities.


It is an amazing way to get their fans connected with them. In fact, it is not much different from what they have been doing on Snapchat, YouTube, and other social media platforms before but now they can enjoy this service on Instagram too.


How to make effective use of IGTV?


Instagram TV is an Instagram feature that allows you to upload long videos, making it a delightful option to be used for entertainment as well as infotainment purposes. Multiple businesses can use it for various purposes.



However, the social media experts serving at Mystic Advertising will let you know the actual concept and purpose of the new IGTV feature while making you capable of using it in the best possible way.