Instagram Trends Your Business Needs To Adopt In 2019

//Instagram Trends Your Business Needs To Adopt In 2019

Instagram Trends Your Business Needs To Adopt In 2019

The way digital marketing has revolutionized in the past decade, it has given birth to many social media platforms which act as a business tool in marketing the projects. Instagram, one of the most used social media application has boosted the sales for many businesses. The way Instagram is amending its algorithm and adding changes for improvement day by day has reflected a lot of zeal and enthusiasm in helping a business. Without further ado, let’s dive into the different trends that can keep your business ahead of the game.

  • Story Ads: With its increasing popularity, people have switched to story ad advertising as it’s the most productive when it comes to the marketing of the brands and services. With more attractive and eye-catching content such as boomerangs incorporated in the stories, it can be used as the most popular tool in the upcoming year.

  • Brand Augmented Reality (AR) Filters: As the technology is enhancing day by day, the wide use of AR filters is one of the most influential trend that your business will need! These filters, GIF Images, and stickers act as a cherry on top for your brand and make your content more strong and appealing. Sooner or later, you can promote your business according to your own customized filters.
  • Instagram Shopping: People call it IG shopping, is going to be the most vital element of marketing as through Instagram, you get to navigate through a store and get to view their products without directly purchasing them. This is a great way to save as it gives the user a relaxation to stay on one platform rather than being loaded with plenty of windows on their device. It can automatically bring in a lot of business as one swipe can bring you the latest product line of different brands.

  • Niche Content: Businesses need to understand this that without knowing the nature of their product or service, there is no use of marketing it to the whole lot. It is always a better option to group a huge audience into segments, where you can spread your word to a niche market. Taking small and niche markets into consideration and then targeting them with the specific content can bring in potential chunks of markets.
  • Knock The Door Of Influencers: People are using the road to market through social influencers with 1000+ followers. This brings in a lot of reliability and trust as up to 92% of Instagram users trust the reviews and recommendations of what the influencer have in for them! The blogging trend has risen globally and it is also expected to see huge changes in the way influencers market a product or service. They become the word of mouth and that automatically brings in a lot of business for any brand.


Does your brand need Instagram?

Yes, why not? Instagram can build and grow your business, making it reach its true potential. Head on to Mystic Advertising and let us define a detailed approach while integrating all the latest techniques of Instagram into your Marketing Plan as we truly understand the worth of a Digital Marketing Business and can make your brand stand out!


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