Is Meta Verse The Next Evolution Of Digital Marketing?

Is Meta Verse The Next Evolution Of Digital Marketing?

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Facebook has been the flag bearer for digital marketing ever since its inception. Due to their vast reach, they were able to set new benchmarks for what the future of marketing was going to be and it was this same ingenuity that made them end up being the pioneers of Digital marketing.


The impact that they had on traditional marketing, their business model, and their existence. No one else had ever had before. They introduced new business models in the market in the field of advertisement. Through them, you were cutting a lot of middlemen and marketing to your source directly.


It was their digital marketing that broke the back of traditional marketing. As they were offering a product that was cheaper and a lot more effective and efficient and these were the qualities that even traditional marketing wasn’t able to produce.



Facebook gave you the power to market your brand to the niche you wanted. They not only allow you to increase the visibility of your brand by multiple folds but to do it much cheaper. But they even allowed you to market your brand to whom you want to, when you want to, and even where you wanted to.


So naturally, when Facebook announced that they were rebranding itself as “Meta,” named after the popular term “Metaverse,” which the followers of the tech circle refer to as the next revolution after the internet.


Curiosity among marketers especially was at an all-time high with a single question in mind.


Is Metaverse the next evolution of digital marketing?


and to answer this question first, we need to clarify in detail what a Metaverse in its actuality is.





As referred to by the geniuses of tech circles, Metaverse is the next big revolution that will take place and will be the true successor to the brilliance of the internet. But you may be wondering what it will look like?


And the most straightforward answer to this query is that it will look like a virtual world.


Everyone will have their avatars, and just like in real life, we would have to do everything we do for ourselves for our avatars, like shopping for them clothing them, and much more.


Now you may be wondering what prompted Facebook to take such a drastic step, and the answer is two words Covid-19.



When the pandemic started, the whole world was stuck in their homes, in this period we even worked from our homes, and a lot of the companies in this duration realized that we could work if not better as efficiently as we do in person.


And this mode also has a lot of benefits like less travel, environment friendly and whatnot. So being the pioneer that they are, Facebook decided to accelerate its metaverse program. Through this, they can offer the world a constant and revolutionary option to work from home.


They have even thought about the only drawback that people constantly felt throughout the pandemic, which was the loneliness of being alone, as people enjoyed the benefit of working from home, having no commute, and various other benefits.



But the things that they truly missed was the interaction that they had with their Co-workers, the morning coffee, the office lunches, and the banter on the water cooler. But to give this immersive experience, Facebook has decided to create augmented reality glasses, which, when worn, will provide you with the sensation of being with your colleagues and not at your home.



But when such drastic measures are taken, deciding if they are suitable for you or not is only simplified by their Pros and cons and that is precisely what we have done, go through them thoroughly so you can decide for yourself regarding are they the next evolution or not.

Pros Of MetaverseCons Of Metaverse
They Are A Fresh Change.People Don’t Like Change.
It is Environment Friendly.It Will Never Feel Normal, Won’t Be As Good As The Real Thing.
Keeps You Protected From Health Scares.Humans Have A Hard Time Trusting Ai Driven technology.
Cuts Down Your Commute time.Social Skills Among People Will Extinct
Gives You More Time At Home.Humans’ Immune System Will Weakened Making Them Vulnerable To Diseases


Is Metaverse The Next Evolution Of Digital Marketing?


Now that we have discussed them in great detail, we will go back to the original question, “Is Metaverse The Next Evolution Of Digital Marketing?”


Our answer to this query is Yes because we can not deny the revolution that Facebook initially brought with their digital marketing, social networking.


And every significant idea that has ever taken shape on this planet initially started as a bizarre idea. Just imagining telling your great-grandparent that one day you will be able to talk to someone or see them on video through your phone is a wild idea. And it would have been for them as they wouldn’t have believed you at all.


But in 2023, this is the norm. And for the past two years, this has been our reality every single day. This is how we interact with each other regardless of whether it is for personal or professional reasons. So believing that Metaverse will be a reality and the next marketing evolution will take place, there is not a far-fetched thought according to many who believe in the power of modern technology.


The virtual world where virtual marketing will take place the more you think about it seems like a plausible reality and the brands that will adopt and move toward this idea as quickly will be of the maximum benefit.


Because major brands like Nike have already started to apply for Metaverse virtual shoe trademark, the faster you move, the better it will be for your brand.


How Can We Trust It?


To conclude this blog, we want to answer the one lingering question that you must have in your mind. How can we trust the metaverse?


And the reality is we don’t as we don’t know what is going to happen.


The best that we can do is to make an educated decision. According to the record, every informed decision dictates that this will happen and will be the next revolution in the field of advertisement. Rest the time will tell.


What do you think about the Metaverse situation? Let us know in the comments section. We are looking forward to hearing from you

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