Mystic & Covid-19

Mystic & Covid-19

April 29, 2020, Author: mystic-admin_@

Mystic is making “Work From Home” work. We agree things are hard right now, but there are a few things that are making us smile including, Zoom fun activities, employees being able to communicate more by having a home-like environment while on camera, and inspiring companies responding to COVID-19 with genuine compassion. We believe it’s easy to be a leader when things are going well, but much tougher to lead when things are going badly and it’s really comforting to see organizations address the COVID-19 difficulties with such inventiveness, heart and consideration.

Minimizing the impact of COVID-19 has become a top priority the world over, and the advertising industry has been at the forefront of driving necessary steps to stem the outbreak. It’s been a state of reflection for a ton of organizations, as advertisers all around the world are stopping to assess their advertising efforts and determine if it’s really driving value. What can be cut with insignificant effect? What could be unfavorable to cut? Numerous organizations are turning their battles to address the necessities of today’s consumers. In these dubious times, how you treat your employees will be associated with you for years to come. How businesses react will lastingly affect employee behavior including commitment, productivity, and engagement. Well-being and prosperity, job security, and financial stability are top concerns for employees at this moment and companies like us can help address those feelings of dread in significant manners.

Studies have reported that those who work remotely at least once a month are 24% more likely to be productive and 86% of people feel that working remotely reduces stress.

Mystic moved most of its workforce from various regions to work from home in just a few days, including hustling equipment to people who need it and getting them set up with the internet. This is no easy feat for an advertising agency where office ethics are a major thing, and we are kind of amazed at what we are able to accomplish so quickly. We will do whatever we can to support the well-being of customers and employees. Ensuring that our employees have the necessary foundation at home to have the option to work remotely, including, but not limited to:

  • Laptops, mobile phones, and chargers
  • Internet connectivity to enable video conferencing

Our continuity plan and guidelines for WFH during this pandemic include:

  • Clarification on ‘full work days’, ‘partial work days, and the use of leaves
  • List of official communication channels and collaboration tools
  • Training on the usage of confidential data and company assets
  • Ways in which employees can raise any roadblocks or issues they are facing when working remotely

While it’s vital to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, it will bring new challenges for workers and organizations around the world. So we convinced our team that this new situation will require some adjustments from everybody involved, the care taken for additional coordination, persistence during technical glitches, and above all, truthfulness from every individual included, working from home can keep your business active and flourishing. Moreover, we didn’t forget to make time for non-work chats with colleagues. Strong work relationships are key for an effective team and these can suffer when people aren’t in the same place in that case we, as a whole, need to feel a human connection. Sometimes scheduling a random meeting on our favorite online meeting tool i.e. Zoom can be super exciting, spending that time catching up and talking about other things than work usually refreshes our mind. As clients and employees want to know that they are working with companies doing good. Mystic as a discerning company will take this time to do genuine good, whether for its employees or clients and will reap the rewards once the storm has passed.

What you can learn from Mystic?

  • Prioritizing employee well-being during these crucial times.
  • Tone & Culture.
  • Encouraging virtual activities.
  • Free consultation through Webinar.
  • Staying connected.

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