Two passionate young men with big dreams – Story of Mystic

//Two passionate young men with big dreams – Story of Mystic

Two passionate young men with big dreams – Story of Mystic

Mystic – is a UAE based agency; serving clients from around the globe. Every ship has a creator, a captain and an anchor. On a bright sunny morning two passionate young men namely Abdullah Gadit and Husnain Minawalla planned and ideated their goal and brought it to life and that is Mystic. They just did not create the ship but also captained it and became its anchor whenever the ship hit a rock bottom.

Today – it’s been a decade that Mystic is running in the industry with 100% customer satisfaction and work that speaks for itself. We sat down with the creators of Mystic – understanding the strategy, struggle and the win of Mystic.

In one sentence, tell us about Mystic.

Mystic is one of the leading agencies in UAE – just under a decade!

How large is the team at Mystic? How did they take the COVID hit?


When UAE market suffered from the dread of COVID-19, as per the response measures businesses went on hold which affected the agencies directly. Thankfully, we have a team who has worked tirelessly through, when we moved to remote working – we had a planning with foresight and our team executed it with us really well.

We thank God each day that being a digital space the demand for work shifted but the work continued and we were in a position to take new clients.

What made you both come to a point where you planned to build your own company?

Both of us were two creative heads and we felt if we won’t work for our own dream than we will have to work for someone else’s dream. So, why work for someone else’s dream when you can work for your own. And, of course it was a risk back then but we took it anyway – now it has been a decade to Mystic.

What are some unexpected challenges that you faced when you were getting started?


As any new agency we did feel a threat from the giants already working in the market – but what’s a startup without struggle. We turned our threats into the opportunities and we believe that learning never ends. The key to face any challenge is that you should never stop learning.

Out of everything, in a decade as an entrepreneur we weren’t prepared for a challenge like COVID-19. But each day is a new learning – we are still proud how Mystic took this challenge and came out stronger from it.

How do you measure progress as an agency?

As an agency measuring success is something we always work on. Measuring effort is very common but since we believe to be the innovative and effective agency in the UAE, we keep working to be better. We keep our focus towards the results, our scope and quality of work is really important for us, we value the buyer’s remorse and most importantly the relationship and trust with both our clients and the employees because without a positive relationship with them – we know that our ship would sink.

Lastly, what advice would you give someone if they want to start their own agency?

Take risks, take risks, take risks. It’s your dream and remember that no one will fulfill it for you. There are a lot of case studies and researches to learn about the market trends and industry. Most importantly, do it for the passion and your purpose and not for the money!



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