Key Metrics of Organizational Development – Bringing Like-Minded People Together

Key Metrics of Organizational Development – Bringing Like-Minded People Together

October 3, 2019, Author: mystic-admin_@

Bringing the right ingredients together is the first step to making an awesome meal, knowing and understanding the exact portion of every single ingredient is an art. However, getting like-minded people together for organizational development is not as simple.

The recipe for this special blend can get pretty complicated!


Emphasizing Collaboration for Organizational Development:

Not just at Mystic advertising but in any organization, it’s no easy job for an HR professional to handpick and select every link of the chain.

For the chain to be strong and solid one can look for every link to be at its best strength and fit in perfectly. The chain has to sustain the workload
and should be elastic enough to adapt​​ new trends and innovations.

At Mystic Advertising, we do not aim for just that, but we also focus on creating a support system where every link in the chain supports the other.


The primary job of HR is understanding that no human is perfect, and no one can run a company alone. We strive to understand the need of collaboration and a strong bond between employees, their managers, and upper management. The key is to handpick specialists in their field.

Then it’s all about the environment and platform you provide to those employees to work at their fullest and to jam together in harmony.

How to Create a Culture of Like-Mindedness for Your Organizational Development:

The process to get minds that fuse instantly is simple but a little lengthy: we start from a conventional approach, selecting the right profile for the opening.

Then the candidate is interviewed that is when we drift to a non-conventional approach – rather than focusing just on the ability to deliver we focus more on the want of the candidate.

We gauge if she or he is looking for growth, if the candidate is open to suggestions / ideas or not. If she or he is up for challenges and if the person is willing to be vulnerable, stepping out of their comfort zone.

If all the boxes are ticked you can congratulate yourself on and finding the perfectly fitting link in the chain.

To provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment, is also one of the most important roles an HR manager plays in the team – especially in maintaining the culture​, and making a perfect blend of corporate as well as creative organization.

Strictly talking about the artist​s, seated in the office, Artists don’t tend to be very organized. Most of the time they like the things to be their ways and have their own little zones in which they find themselves easy to work in.

For an HR personal to be the guardian angel for organizational development, one must look to maintain a fine balance between rules, corporate culture and the easiness of the resources available, also take it as a challenge to provide them an environment they enjoy yet comply with all the rules also not missing any deadlines.​

At Mystic Advertising, we believe that like-mindedness is the cornerstone of a thriving work environment and organizational development. While diversity in perspectives is essential, a shared vision and a unified spirit can take a team to extraordinary heights.

Our employees share common values, principles, and a passion for delivering top-notch creative solutions. This alignment creates a sense of unity, purpose, and belonging that is palpable for the organizational Development.

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