Pinterest Marketing – A Guide To High Volume Traffic

Pinterest Marketing – A Guide To High Volume Traffic

October 24, 2020, Author: mystic-admin_@

When it comes to social media marketing most of the time you hear people suggesting Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or TikTok – people will rarely suggest Pinterest for targeting your audience. A lot of content developers and businesses think that Pinterest is not the right platform for your business.

Pinterest marketing is a concept that may not be doing well in the digital marketing world because of the perception that it carries i.e. only bloggers, DIYs, and artsy people use it. And if you go through Pinterest most of the time you will only see these categories – but honestly, Pinterest is more like a search engine.

Top Strategies for Pinterest Marketing:

Pinterest is a resource where a lot of industries display different types of content – such as you will find anything from automobiles to baby shower ideas. This diversity is the major reason that attracts a high volume of traffic if displayed in the right manner. So, here are a few strategies to drive high-volume traffic on Pinterest.

Are you targeting the right niche?


Pinterest doesn’t have any search volume reporting – but what you can do is “KEYWORD RESEARCH” Before you post always search for the popular categories – if your business falls into the popular category then that’s your green signal.

Great content and optimization:

content optimization

The content marketing strategy points towards great content when it comes to the success of your campaign. So, before you start working on your Pinterest marketing strategy; make sure that you produce engaging content and conduct an SEO for foolproof success.

So, all in all, your post, the titles of your page, and the Meta description should be checked and should be SEO-friendly. These are some very strong forces that will pull the right audience to your pins. When you get your content optimized properly – it increases the circulation and click-through rate.

Another important thing is incorporating the keywords, in your profile name and the description. It should be readable, say straight no to keyword stuffing, and avoid plagiarism.

Pinterest account for business:

Pinterest account for business

Moving on to having a business Pinterest account – as the business account allows you to check the analytics. It is suggested that one account should be used per website – as per the algorithms of Pinterest, if you have a variety of content in one account it will dilute your strategy and none of your niches will get the right engagement.

Use of “Rich Pins”:

Rich pins

When you turn on the rich pins for your website – Pinterest can pull the optimized titles and Meta descriptions directly from your website. It’s easy to set up and Pinterest does allow you to choose different Pin formats as per your niche. So, make sure you add this while developing your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Keep a track of analytics:

keep analytics trackPinterest has an analytic dashboard and it tells you the number of impressions you get on your pins, or how many people have saved your pins, repined the number of clicks, and a lot more to help you with Pinterest marketing.

When you know the data of analytics – helps you in creating better performing content for the next time as you will be able to strategize better when it comes to Pinterest marketing.

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