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ATL & BTL Promotions:

A brand’s marketing should ideally reach everyone: those who are its target market, as well as the general public. Above the line (ATL) and below the line (BTL) marketing does just that – ATL marketing reaches the mass market, and BTL targets individual groups of customers.

Mystic Advertising offers ATL and BTL promotions designed for the mainstream consumer and individualized promotions that reach specific customers that a business caters to. Our specialized team offers product sampling, mall activation, in-store activation, and exhibition services, offering solutions for every type of target market possible. To ensure that a business has a successful marketing strategy, we have developed the highest quality ATL and BTL marketing. At Mystic, we offer these services in a personalized, creative, and effective way, reaching any consumer a business desires. With our services, a firm can boost its reach and increase engagement with its product or service. Whether a brand wishes to target the public on a general level with broader advertisements, or a niche market that is already familiar with the service or product, Mystic will take charge of the process, delivering the best marketing solutions for any business. button to change this text.