Social Media and Psychology for Marketers

//Social Media and Psychology for Marketers

Social Media and Psychology for Marketers

Our audience is basically a route to our success when it comes to social media. The best way to understand your audience is to learn and understand the basic psychology principles.

We’ve collected a few basic principles of psychology when it comes to social media by breaking down the key psychology concepts – which you can add in your own social media marketing strategy.

  • People share content which will relate to other people

As a marketer it’s important that you share content which will be helpful for others and the audience can relate to it. Apart from that, relevant content also helps you stay connected. Also, sharing content about the facts and general knowledge knowing what your audience would like to see.

  • Most people on social media are visual learners

Visual aid is your best friend when it comes to engaging your audience online. A study from Current Health Science Journal shows that 65% of social media audience is visual learners.  A visual component whether it’s a gif, video or a photo helps in educating better and gets better appeal. It may seem obvious, but there’s scientific reasoning behind putting up strong visual elements to your social media marketing strategy leads in better promotion of your product.

  • Color is the key when sharing your brand

When you’re working on making decisions of colors in your social media marketing strategy – think how they connect to the voice of your brand. You need to see what message are you trying to send out – and what colors can help you in developing and sending out that message. There are common meanings to colors such as green represents as a go signal while yellow represents a happy mood but at the end of everything context should be the key.  It’s important to use colors that express your brand’s personality, rather than trying to take advantage of stereotypical color relevancies.

  • Positive messages get more shares

When you create content with positive images, copies and emoticons it’s more likely for your audience to share that content. Your audience gets a validation when they see positivity occurring on their newsfeeds. You can use exclamation marks, positive jargons, bright cheerful pictures and engaging with customers in a positive tone.

  • It’s tit for tat when it comes to consumer

Tit for tat when it comes to customers – is known as reciprocity. Social media marketers can benefit amazingly with the use of reciprocity. Be generous with your audience and make them love you. Give away coupons, free stuff, and good advice—whatever relates to your business. And then later when you will share content related to your products and services your audience will most likely to buy from you or share it further increasing your engagement. So, do not make it about yourself when it comes to marketing it’s about your audience as well.


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