The World Is Celebrating Social Media Day and So Are We!

Just eight years back, Mashable came up with the idea of Social Media Day on June 30, 2010. Yes, it is the day dedicated to one of the most thriving aspects of the internet world as social media users are dramatically increasing with each passing day.

We know there are a lot of social media platforms that have become an extremely important part of our today’s world as well as everyday life. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and the list goes on like this. Many of these names didn’t even exist if we go almost 15 years back in time, but today a lot of people cannot even imagine their very existence without all these platforms.

Why is it important to celebrate #SMDay?

In the past few years the world has seen a lot of dramatic changes owing to the developments in the world of digital media. Now almost ever other business makes use of the social media platforms available to promote their products/services because as compared to conventional marketing techniques, digital marketing offers you cheaper and more effective ways to run promotions.

Since the world of social media is growing and benefiting us all, so it is very important for us to celebrate Social Media Day – hashtagged as #SMDay. We are supposed to celebrate and dedicate this to all the social media platforms that we use to achieve our business purposes as well as to grow as a family by connecting with each other digitally to form a global community.

So, how are ‘We’ celebrating Social Media Day?

We at Mystic Advertising are making the most of this day. A lot of brainstorming and productive discussion is being done to take a look back at everything we have achieved up till now, our current understandings along with devising new ways to intelligently adapt ourselves according to the everchanging world of social media.


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