5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Virtual Event

5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Virtual Event

February 18, 2021, Author: mystic-admin_@

In adjusting to life in the new normal,’ we have had to make many compromises. There are all kinds of obstacles that we must overcome as we adjust to our predominantly online work-from-home life. Plenty of us struggles in making virtual events fruitful, both as audiences and as organizers. That is why we have compiled 5 essential tips to help you make a perfect virtual event!

Understand the Purpose, Plan Accordingly!

Our first tip is to understand that virtual events are not a one-size-fits-all project. Virtual possibilities can range from conferences to concerts to award ceremonies. Remember, the internet offers various services and platforms that you can use to host your event. Some events are suited to Zoom calls; others make better use of different platforms such as Facebook or Instagram based on your audience and purpose. To figure out what that may be, ask yourself some questions: who is this event for? Who needs to see it? What are the main priorities of the event? Then, you can research and find the best services and structures to cater to these preferences.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

Since everything is online, we cannot depend on colorful posters or large set-ups to encourage people to join an event. Your marketing needs to be head-on, long-term, and well-targeted. With everything online, it is harder for people to keep track of dates and meetings. Regularly marking your event through promotion will help build a presence for your audience. Make sure to promote cross-platform if your event is public to spread the word far and wide. Stories, Broadcasts, Tweets, hashtags, and regular posting – use them all. And, don’t forget one of the most basic forms of engagement: live promotion! As your event is starting and, in its duration, live-tweet, post stories and updates, and encourage people to join as time goes on.

Make it Accessible and Interactive.

Remember, events that must online automatically make it difficult to connect with people. Make your event easy to find and access – keep in mind that people use different devices and can be from other regions. Moreover, a perfect virtual event is one where the audience can interact with your event to feel connected and engaged.

Let them ask questions, give their perspective, and react to whatever is happening. This can be through verbal question-and-answer sessions, chat boxes, or emoticon reactions.

Choose the Right Time

It may seem that since an event is online, timing doesn’t really matter. But in actuality, working from home means that timing is everything. Often, people are occupied by multiple things at once. Some days, such as the weekend, people choose to disconnect from devices. That is why
you should study analytics from the platform you are using and your audience to gauge your event’s best date, duration, and time. This could make all the difference in your engagement, so
choose wisely!

Testing, Testing, One Two Three.

It may seem unnecessary to do a trial run for an online event, but the truth is, plenty can go wrong. From connectivity issues to bugs in software, you should be prepared for everything. To prevent mishaps, follow a tight schedule and plan everything in advance. Learn from other
similar events and prevent those mistakes from happening. It is highly encouraged to run through your event before the real thing and be ready for any issues beforehand. This way, hiccups are kept to a minimum.

Thanks to technology, we did not have to forsake our many anticipated events of the year – we could have them in an online format. However, we are still learning how to adapt to these new technologies and ways of living. We hope these tips and tricks help your event in making it a perfect virtual event in these trying times.

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