Types of Branding Services That Help In Marketing

Types of Branding Services That Help In Marketing

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Starting with what branding is, its meaning is hidden in the term itself.


Branding is the process of making your firm or a company, A BRAND.


How is a company different from a brand? A company is a whole entity that usually produces products for its sale, with its physical existence. On the other hand, the brand is something that makes its place into your emotions, and they are also the manufacturer and the seller of their products.



The brand has its own identity with which it sells its products. There are many types of branding services.

Now, the question is What makes a brand?


The brand becomes because of its own identity. When a company becomes a brand, the audience identifies it by its logo, symbol, or unique image. Let’s take an example:


When you go to any of your closest shops to buy a drink, and you say to the shopkeeper that you want a black drink, then which drink does he offer to you?



PEPSI or COCA-COLA? Right, he offers you either Pepsi or Coca-Cola because they are brands. Through excellent branding services, these two brands successfully made their place in the emotions of their target market.



Now, whenever and wherever we see a ball in blue and red color, the logo of the Pepsi brand quickly comes into our minds because they have done their brand positioning correctly.



Now what is positioning?, I will define you while discussing the types of branding services. These are the major branding services that are very helpful in Marketing:



Logo design


When you go to purchase a black drink, how do you identify that this drink is Pepsi?



Through their logo, right? In the same manner, a logo plays an important role in your target market to identify your products more than your competitors.

The design of a logo tells a lot about your brand to the audience. When you see the logo of Ferrari, what it tells you, and it makes you feel? If I personally tell them, I get very attracted to their products, and it gives me a sense of a bigger personality.


The logo of your brand can emotionally attach your audience to your brand. The process of logo-making should be well thought out. It is one of the most important branding services that help you to elevate your brand



 Slogan making


Slogan making is writing a phrase, usually, a one-liner, which helps the brand to catch and grab the attention of its target market. A slogan should be very catchy, and it should be written in simple words to make it simpler for your audience to understand what it means.

A slogan defines you against your competitor; A slogan tells your audience the reason for your existence. It also defines your brand positioning. What is it? I will describe it in the next type of branding services’ subheading.


1) A slogan is a short phrase, usually a one-liner.


2) A slogan tells the audience the reason for your existence.


3) A slogan differentiates you from your competitors.


Creating Brand Positioning


Brand positioning is an image of a brand that it creates in the mind of people. Brand positioning defines the target market about what kind of business you are. Let’s take an example here for better understanding.


When you think of a Ferrari, what image does it create in your mind? The sports car, right? In contrast, when you think of a four-seater van, it does not matter to what brand it belongs; it creates an image of a family vehicle.

Positioning tells the image of your company to the public.



Brand positioning is an image of a brand that it creates in the mind of people.


Mission and Vision Statement Creation

A mission statement is 3-4 line paragraphs, or even of 2 lines, which tells why this brand came into existence; with what mission they are in the market.


On the other hand, the Vision statement tells what and where this brand decided to be in the following years. How they define their future vision?


When writing a vision statement, always make sure to include your goals, purposes, or aims in it.


While working on a mission statement, always give an essence of your strategy of how you will get to the stage of your vision.


1) A mission statement defines the way how you achieve your vision.


2) A vision statement tells where and what you want to achieve within the specified period of time.


Business and product name-making process


Besides logos and slogans, the creation of business and product names is also one of the major branding services for marketing.


Before investing in your product line or doing marketing, first of all, decide on a business name. The business name defines who you are, as your own name does. The business name gives the first impression of your business to the customers. It differentiates you in front of your competitors in the market.


Always first brainstorm the names, and then make the right choice that best suits your business. The business name defines who you are, as your own name does.


While deciding on a product name, the product name should be relevant to your brand name. For deciding on a product name, always brainstorm different names, and then check how it works before launching the product with that name.




Branding does not end here; there is too much to take care of while doing branding and there is no end to the scope of branding services. Branding makes your company a brand, and it makes you recognizable as unique.


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I hope you have found this article informative; if you are eager to know more about branding in detail, then let us know in the comments below.

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