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Maximize your online impact and connect with your target audience through the power of video marketing. With 78% of internet users watching videos weekly, it’s evident that video content reigns supreme. Harness the potential with Mystic’s video production services and bring your brand to life with a face and voice. Join the revolution of businesses that have succeeded with video marketing and take your brand to new heights.

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We at Mystic are firm believers in the ability of video to communicate ideas and bring people together like no other media. In light of this, we are incredibly proud of our Video Production Department, which provides a wide variety of video production services to help you realize your ambition. We’re committed to giving you the highest-quality product possible, tailormade to your needs, by combining excellent narrative with eye-catching illustrations. We can help you realize your concept for a marketing clip, product showcase, event highlights, and everything in between.


To ensure your video is interesting, polished, and consistent with your brand’s purpose, our team of expert filmmakers, producers, and creative directors will collaborate with you at every stage of the process. We employ cutting-edge tools and methods throughout the production process to provide you with captivating and motivating videos, from script writing to editing. Considering that your brand might be at the forefront to be the next big thing, there’s no need to hold back.

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One Frame At A Time

The Art Of Visual Stroytelling

The Art Of Visual Storytelling


When conveying a story, the narrative is everything, and a compelling visual is like icing on the cake. Because this art form is near and dear to our hearts, we view each project as a chance to create a one-of-a-kind video that fascinates and inspires your audience. Our team works closely with you to uncover your vision, understand your target audience, and achieve your goals. Every aspect of production is thoughtfully handled with precision, from pre-production planning to the final product, to ensure that your video exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impact.

Seeing Through A New Lens


Embrace new perspectives with Mystic Studio – our dedicated video production subsidiary. Our team is at the forefront of capturing the heart and soul of today’s trends. With a keen eye for every shot and frame, we create visually stunning final products that truly stand out. Whether it’s documentaries, corporate videos, commercials, animations, promotional videos, event videography or marketing videos, our team is fully equipped to handle it all.

Seeing Through A New Lens
What Can

We Work On?


Precision in pre-production is key to a flawless shoot, and we bring it to the table. From crafting the perfect story, script to setting the scene, our team delivers seamless projections with effortless ease.


We produce captivating, high-quality videos that inspire, engage, and stir the soul. From small projects to big-budget productions, we bring the perfect blend of creativity and technical expertise to every project.

Post Production

We take the raw footage and turn it into a cinematic masterpiece with post-production magic. From visual effects to seamless editing, we turn your vision into a video that stuns and captivates.

Breaking Down

Our Process

Breaking Down Our Process


First, we’ll brainstorm to narrow in on your video’s focus, narrative arc, key takeaways, and overall purpose.


Our content team then constructs a script to tell the tale of your video. Our strength is in writing precise, compelling scripts that get the point across.


With your script approved, we bring those words to life with a visual outline, mapping out each frame of your video to create a seamless and captivating viewing experience.

Video Shoot

After finalizing the script and storyboard, we set out to shoot your video at your preferred location. We can also use stock footage and B-rolls to supplement the final product if that better fits your budget.


Our editors will work their magic on your video using Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro X, and other editing software to add any necessary music, graphics, or branding effects for the final cut.


Finally, our experts formulate a comprehensive distribution plan to maximize the reach of your video. From YouTube and social media to digital campaigns and third-party domains, we ensure that your video reaches as many audiences as possible.

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