How COVID-19 has affected businesses and what does that mean to the transformation of the Digital Marketing world!

How COVID-19 has affected businesses and what does that mean to the transformation of the Digital Marketing world!

August 4, 2020, Author: mystic-admin_@

The year 2020 brought with it a myriad of challenges in a wake of a rising pandemic which everyone came to know as COVID19. The corona virus disease spread far and wide in a matter of months and soon the world found itself facing the greatest pandemic since 1919. A century had passed and people had forgotten the lessons learned from the 1919 pandemic, when the Spanish flu took the world by storm and citizens were forced to remain indoors and follow social distancing procedures, much like the scenario we are facing today!

However, we couldn’t simply shut down. We needed a way to adapt to the sudden change brought upon us. Businesses had to adapt the manner of conducting their day to day affairs while governments had to come up with a plan of action to combat this rising pandemic. If everybody stayed indoors then the economy would suffer, which would intensify the gravity of the situation. And so, the businesses and professionals evolved.

The concept of working from home and providing flexible working hours was already prevalent in the society. However, this concept was taken a step further to deal with the impending crisis. Covid19 gave rise to the concept of pretty much the entire workforce working remotely while carrying out their job responsibilities as well as the tasks assigned to them. Software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet became some of the widely used platforms for meetings in between team members. Businesses were forced to evolve and adapt so that they could continue operating while at the same time make their presence known in the digital realm.

Those businesses which do not adapt to the changing times and fail to have their footprints in the digital world will find their progress waning until eventually they become obsolete. Digital marketing is the key to making your presence known to those who are confined to their homes. The role of digital marketing is also evolving. Previously, while it was seen as a means to supplement other marketing strategies, now it will be the key to the success of a business.

Organizations will have to completely change their business model to incorporate more digital aspects in their day to day activities. Online services are far more in demand and will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years. Furthermore, a greater number of businesses are beginning to realize that having their presence online is not only efficient but also highly cost effective. Thus, the role of digital marketing will be revised and it will be treated as one of the major elements to an organization’s marketing strategy to ensure growth.

Digital marketing will pave the way for the future. It will become the weapon with which organizations target growth opportunities and use them for their advantage. During this period, those that are able to achieve the first mover advantage will be the driving force for others. They will open up new pathways for the rest. More creative and unique methods will be introduced for carrying out the business while keeping in view the behavioural aspects of the customers. Those who wish to reap the benefits of providing customers their services even during this pandemic and beyond will focus more on online marketing and incorporating various digital elements in their marketing. And so, digital marketing will aid businesses in coursing through unchartered waters and beating the storm that the world has been overtaken by.

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