Top Apps in 2023 – A Detailed Guide

Top Apps in 2023 – A Detailed Guide

January 8, 2022, Author: mystic-admin_@

Smartphones have indeed served as lifelines for us during the many lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic. They kept us entertained, they helped us work, and most importantly, they kept us connected.

2020 brought about a tremendous increase in media and phone consumption and put a lot of new applications on the map – like Tiktok, for example.

However, the second year of the pandemic has ended, and some top apps have come out looking stronger than others. That is why we have created a list of some of the most trending and top apps to look out for in 2023, and why.

TikTok – One of the top Apps of 2023

It probably comes as no surprise that Tiktok tops our list of contenders for the most popular app of 2023.

With 656 million downloads in 2021, this viral app outshined its competition. It became incredibly popular when the pandemic began, with people making and enjoying TikTok from their homes.

Though its downloads have decreased since then, its success and popularity are still hard to beat and that makes it the most popular and top apps of 2023


TikTok stands out because of its fast and efficient algorithm, which ropes in users quickly and effectively, and keeps them coming back for more. TikTok has videos and niches for everyone.

Whether it is crocheting, video games, or ballet, it will flood you with short videos of content that seem to be made for you.

That is what makes it so addictive and unique to its user base. TikTok was also one of the most popular apps for teenagers and kept them preoccupied in lockdown with a never-ending stream of entertainment.


Instagram comes upon a close second in this list, with 545 million downloads in 2021. Instagram seems to have not lost its appeal to the global audience as a fan favorite during the pandemic.

It has only grown in popularity, with 40 million more downloads than in 2020. Not only do its users enjoy it as a social media platform, but several businesses rely on Instagram for their social media marketing.

With the world in lockdown, this reliance has only grown. Companies and influencers alike use Instagram and its assortment of media options for their brand management and user engagement.

From stories, posts, IGTV, reels, and live streams, Instagram provides marketers with the perfect platform to engage as many people as possible through various mediums. That is why it has stayed strong and pushed through as one of the most popular apps for 2022.


Our social-media giant is still one of the top apps in the world.

Even though this year’s 416 million downloads is a smaller number for Facebook than its previous 540 million, it remains at the top as the most-used social media application in the world.

Not only does Facebook help people stay connected, like Instagram, but it too is an essential platform for marketers and influencers.

With its effective (and controversial) data collection on its users, Facebook advertising yields powerful results. By using targeted and interactive advertisements, marketers can appeal to almost any target audience due to the platform’s massive user base.


What was more important than staying connected to our loved ones during the pandemic?

Those who managed to avoid using WhatsApp before the pandemic had no choice but to hop on after face-to-face conversations became virtually impossible.

WhatsApp may not be as popular within the United States, but globally it has become a staple messaging app for many people. With a user-friendly, simple interface and the introduction of WhatsApp Business, the application became the primary communications app for work, school, and socializing.

However, WhatsApp only achieved 395 million downloads in 2021, a whopping 200 million less than 2020. This was primarily a result of WhatsApp’s security scandal. Users feared their data was being handed over to Facebook, and many switched to apps like Telegram and Signal.


Speaking of WhatsApp’s security scandal, its primary competitor is next on our list. Telegram had incredible success in 2021, seemingly hot on WhatsApp’s trial after users demanded more privacy from Facebook.

Many users switched platforms, and Telegram had an increase of 70 million downloads ending with 320 million in 2021, making it the most trending app for 2022.

The app has 500 million active users, a greater group capacity, and the ability to create public and private channels, making it a perfect platform for businesses and consumers alike.


Everyone had to get used to work-from-home these past two years, and Zoom helped make that possible. Although certain restrictions were lifted through the year, and some of us made it back into school and the workplace, zoom remained one of the regularly used and top apps for many in 2021.

Although it was roughly 100 million down from 2020, Zoom still managed a remarkable 300 million downloads last year.

It seems that everyone will continue to rely on this lightweight, reliable, and user-friendly video call application for their group meeting needs through 2022.

Some offices may continue a remote or hybrid system past the pandemic, which means that Zoom may become a standard part of our working lives from now on.

Shein, Shopee and Amazon:

Online shopping became the norm during the pandemic. Everyone realized the importance of shopping from the safety of their homes, and contactless deliveries, made the process even easier.

With traditional departmental stores slowly shutting down and phasing out of daily life, e-commerce became one of the top apps categories in 2021.  Amazon led downloads in the US but globally, it was further down the list behind up-and-coming retailers like Shopee (203 million) and Shein (190 million).

Shein has also become one of the most popular and top apps for teenagers and young adults, due to their quick churning of cheap and trendy clothing.

With prompt deliveries, diverse choices, and lower prices, these e-commerce apps boomed in lockdown, with many people relying on these online retailers for their clothing, appliance, and entertainment needs.

We are likely to see these retailers boom further in 2022 and become a part of everyday shopping for many consumers around the globe.

The world has changed immensely in the last two years, and it is likely to bring more surprises. However, our article aims to help you follow global trends and in turn help you understand how best to plan for your work and social life.

2021 saw many applications that boomed earlier in the pandemic maintain their popularity, but flatten out their curve. Others have had a rise in use in the last year, with even greater promise for the years to come. So, keep an eye out for these top apps in 2022, You can also follow Mystic advertising to keep yourself updated and we’ll all see where the world takes us next year.

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