Advertising is a way of promoting your brand, its products, or its services. Advertising is a way of persuading customers towards purchasing your product or services. Through advertisements, brands convey the messages they want to convey.


As per the research, brands do spend millions of dollars for advertisement purposes. We can say that advertisement is a way of communication. Through advertisements brands communicate to their customers; they create awareness of their products or services.

Languages of Advertisement:

There are many ways of doing advertising, or we can say many languages of advertisement which we will discuss in detail below.


Billboard Advertisement:


It comes under the heading of traditional way of advertising. This way is called static advertisement. The reason is whatever message the brand conveys is without any action. Whether it will be a graphic or a content-based advertisement.


You must have seen the giant billboards at the top of the buildings. This is a very old concept of promoting your products or services. Billboard  do not get enough reach.



Digital Out-of-home Advertisement


Digital Out-of-Home Advertisement evolved from the concept of Out-of-Home or Billboard advertising. It is also a way of promoting the brand’s products or services but through digital billboards.


Let’s understand the difference between static billboards and digital billboards.



1) There are no actions involved in Static billboards, whereas, digital billboards are based on action.


2) There is a use of technology in digital billboards.


3) Digital billboard advertisements attract more customers.


Advertising through Digital Billboards looks like a movie. This is a totally new concept.




Print Advertisement



You must have seen magazines or newspapers. You may have seen Ads for perfumes or any other luxury products. This is a print advertisement and is is basically a paper-based advertisement.


Let’s take an example: A beauty brand has to advertise the features of its cosmetics products, so where should they advertise such products?


Billboard? No! Magazines? Right! The reason is women prefer reading a book or magazines, so if the brand advertises cosmetics products in a magazine, then it will be the best and the right choice.


Well, this also gets less reach because this comes also under the heading of traditional advertising, and the majority do not even read a book or magazines.



T.V Advertisement



It is one of the traditional ways of advertising. This is traditional, but the most recommended way.


Why do many brands prefer this way of advertising? The reason is as we all know that we all watch T.V a lot, so if brands do promote their products or services through T.V Ads, then they will get more views/reach.

There are slots for this type of advertisement also. Such as peak time slots are more costly.


We should first look at the product for which we are advertising. Then, choose the platform according to your targeted customers.


For instance: I want to do advertising for tea cups, so T.V advertisements are the better choice because our mothers mostly watch cereals, so they can be targeted through T.V advertisements.


First look at your product, then make a choice through which platform you should advertise it.




Social Media Advertisement:



Yes, amongst all the advertising platforms, Social media is the most considerable and recommendable choice. The reason is that the world is now moving towards the technological phase.



Every individual now has a phone, laptop, or tablet. Parents also have social media accounts. Social media enables brands to get more views or reach. Through social media advertising, brands can create awareness of their products or services globally.

This is the most considered way of advertising.



SEO Advertisement:



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a process of ranking your business site’s top of the searched list. This can be done by using specific keywords in an optimization process.


When your site will pop-up at the top, so everyone goes to click it first which is also considered a way of advertising your business.


Brand Endorsement


Brand endorsement is a way of endorsing your product through famous personalities. We can take an example here: you must have seen a logo of the PEPSI brand on the t-shirts of the Pakistani cricket team, this is what we called a Brand endorsement.


Word Of Mouth Advertisement:


We all experience new food or services. When we personally like something, some food, then we prefer it to someone else. It is called word of mouth.



Through this word-of-mouth practice, we are advertising the company’s products or services.


If the experience is good, then we do a good advertisement, or if the experience is bad, then this is called a bad advertisement. Word of mouth is a common practice in our daily lives.


Brands always provide excellent customer service to their customers in order to improve the customer’s brand experience.






In conclusion, advertising is a process of promoting your brands or services. The advertising must be done to tell about yourself and your business to your target market.


The types of advertising are Content, Video, Graphic, or anime advertisement. On the other hand, the platforms for advertising are Social media, TV, Print, SEO, Brand endorsement, or Out-of-Home advertisement.



In this era, the most recommended and advised platform is social media, and the type is a mixture of graphic and video advertisements.


The brand must first look at the product for which they are advertising, then it should choose the platform according to its product.


Advertising should be attractive and understandable. The message the brand is trying to convey through advertisement should be functional as well as emotional.


Advertising and Marketing are different concepts, so never mix both formulas together.