Marketing Strategies for Video Games – The Trends and Future

Marketing Strategies for Video Games – The Trends and Future

January 16, 2021, Author: mystic-admin_@

The video games industry is fast pacing and growing rapidly with loads of competition coming on its way. But, without video game marketing – it gets easier for competitors to crush your dream video game in a jiffy.

When you start creating your game – the development and launch seem like a triumph and indeed it is. But the actual quest begins when you have to sell it out to your audience and without the right video game marketing strategies, your video game seems lost in an abyss. You see all your time and money going to waste because there are not enough sales.

In order to persuade the audience to buy your video game, you have to choose strong video game marketing tactics and strategies. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive there are some video game marketing strategies and tactics that you can implement yourself without hiring influencers and big names to promote it.

Video Game Marketing on YouTube

Set up a YouTube account and review your game on YouTube – nothing sells better than people experiencing your game live.

You can also take advantage of one of YouTube’s advertising services where your teaser will appear as a video ad before a requested video is played for that YouTube’s marketing guide is very helpful.


Use Facebook and Instagram

Just like you can run an ad on YouTube you can also run a customized ad on Facebook and Instagram as well. You can target the custom audience relevant to your niche.

For example, if you have an audience for an action game – Facebook and Instagram’s Ads manager will give you customized options for it.

Gaming podcasts are for the win

Check your local apps for podcasts or use your YouTube account for podcasts. There are gaming podcasts out there specifically made for gamers. So, you won’t even have to make customized content.

You know that the only people you are targeting are gamers. And no one else can explain and guide you through your creation better than yourself.

App Store Optimization

Ever heard of app store optimization? If not, then let us explain it to you. App store optimization (ASO) uses a lot of tactics to help keep your games ranking higher in-app store giving them more visibility.

The right ASO tactics and strategies give you a better chance of visibility and ranking. It will result in driving the audience to your game page and gradually turning the page visitors into customers.


If you’re still unsure about your video game marketing then you can always give Mystic a call and we will always guide you through the right video game marketing strategy. A perfect fit for your video game and gives you the right visibility you deserve.

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