Project Overview

YallaTyre, a leading online e-commerce brand in UAE, specializes in delivering a premier driving experience through the sale of genuine RFID-stickered tyres. Each tyre on their platform is brand new and comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, solidifying YallaTyre.com as a trusted and competitive player in the e-commerce tyre market.


YallaTyre entrusted us to elevate its online presence and brand identity through a unique and tailored digital strategy that would place them above the local competition, educate the audience and drive sales.

Project Highlights

  • Tackling Competitive Tyre Market
  • Educating Audience About RFID Tyres
  • Brand Awareness & Audience Engagement
  • Trustworthy and Reliable Platform
  • Promote Offers & Drive Sales


Digital Competition: In a fiercely competitive e-commerce tyre market in the UAE, YallaTyre faced the challenge of enhancing its online presence and achieving digital success.


Higher Costs for Genuine RFID Tyres: YallaTyre’s exclusive focus on Genuine RFID tyres meant their quotes were higher than competitors offering non-RFID market tyres. This required a strategy to educate consumers about the risks of non-RFID tyres and emphasize the security benefits of genuine tyres.



Paid Social Media Advertising: We prioritized paid social media advertising to maximize audience engagement and brand awareness. While competitors heavily invested in Google ads, we took a different approach, focusing on developing enticing digital marketing offers and promoting them on YallaTyre’s social media platforms to capture a larger audience.


SEO Enhancement: A successful SEO strategy was formulated to improve YallaTyre’s website visibility on search engines. Simultaneously, we maintained a consistent pace of social media marketing to build a strong and reputable brand image.

Visual Results.

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The Results

Online Presence: The implemented marketing strategies significantly enhanced YallaTyre’s online presence. The shift from heavy reliance on Google ads to generating organic outcomes proved successful, all while spending less than competitors.


Google Rankings: Within just six months, YallaTyre achieved first-page rankings on Google for highly searched keywords. This achievement demonstrated the effectiveness of our strategy in enabling YallaTyre to compete head-to-head with other prominent players in the same industry.


In conclusion, our digital marketing approach enabled YallaTyre to rise above the challenges posed by competitors and establish a robust online presence. By emphasizing the advantages of Genuine RFID tyres, we successfully educated consumers and propelled YallaTyre to a leading position in the UAE’s e-commerce tyre market.