5 Common Marketing Myths – Debunked

//5 Common Marketing Myths – Debunked

5 Common Marketing Myths – Debunked

Marketing is a quickly evolving field. The new campaigns, ads, discoveries – can become stale as early as within 24 hours. As the new technologies, software and applications are developing; the breakthrough rate is increasing. This has not just led towards an increase in digital marketing but also pushed conventional marketing up a notch.

If businesses are not fast-paced in with the evolving marketing they can crumble in between marketing giants. Companies should be performing tasks in a manner so they stay updated with the changes in the marketing industry. With all the hustle and bustle in the marketing industry – people tend to believe whatever misconception is thrown at their way. This gives a greater ground to the myths to breed which leads to the marketing mishaps people make.

Here are the biggest marketing myths which need to be debunked in order to ace in the marketing industry:

  • Negative Feedback should be ignored

Whenever a brand starts marketing on social media – they think that this will only bring furthermore customers and reach, but honestly social media platforms are a space where marketing campaigns are open for criticism as well as compliments. Businesses perceive that responding to comments and queries which are positive is the only gateway to success. Ignoring negative comments can lead to building an idea that the business doesn’t care about consumer critiques.

So, always respond to the negative comments in a strategic manner – respond to them quickly before they get trolled. Your quick responses would make the consumer believe that you care about their concerns and critiques.

  • Content Marketing is not for everyone


Whatever industry you are working for be it textile, construction, advertisements, etc. Content Marketing is always space which is booming; if a company doesn’t invest in content marketing thinking their niche doesn’t require it.

Businesses just need to get their content marketing done right – the competitor you see dominating the SERP – it’s because they carry out content marketing professionally and efficiently.

  • Social Media Marketing only generates new customers

Undoubtedly, you can gain more customers via social media marketing but believing that SMM is a huge myth. Brands need to realize that their clients are not converted overnight only because of their SMM but instead, it’s how they deliver what they promise on their social media accounts. Don’t believe in the fact that social media marketing’s only purpose is to bring new customers instead learn to create a relevant marketing strategy to keep existing customers looped in.

Social Media Marketing


  • One social media profile is enough.


A lot of businesses think that reliance on one social media profile can drive their marketing to the higher-ups. But honestly, that’s the worst one can believe – this is one of the biggest marketing myths that investing your time on a single social media profile is better rather than investing in all the social media platforms. Businesses need to understand that each social media platform works for a different reason.

If you go for the pick and choose the method for social media platforms then your customer base will crumble soon. Businesses operating in this era should have operating social media accounts on all social media platforms.

  • SEO isn’t necessary

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing method that is as old as time. Businesses think since it is an outdated method; it is not necessary (yep, that’s the marketing myths people believe in). While on the contrary, SEO is one of the most useful marketing techniques and arguably the most successful technique to existing.

SEO brings distinction to your business identity. If properly used; this technique can help your business rank the highest. SEO can help your business target market globally and ensure to generate leads.


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