Dos and Don’ts of a perfectly executed Ad campaign

Dos and Don’ts of a perfectly executed Ad campaign

October 1, 2020, Author: mystic-admin_@

Ad campaigns do not just get famous because they are creative – they get famous if they are created smartly and advertised properly. Add campaigns demand discipline – a solid discipline – if your Ad is creative but lacks a proper message and call to action should have a proper placement.

A lot of times your Ad generates the leads but doesn’t develop your business or bring in new business to the company. This isn’t a sign of a good Ad campaign.

So here are some dos and don’ts you can follow to execute a perfect Ad campaign.

Dos of a perfectly executed ad campaign

  1. Do refine your target audience

A brand that caters to the target audience of 18-30-year-olds – will put up an ad campaign targeting all of them at once but what they forget is that 18-year-olds will be different from 30-year-olds – so you cannot generalize your target audience.

So, when you put up an ad consider refining your target audience and their psychographics/demographics.

  1. Do define your goals:

A perfectly executed campaign needs prior planning and you can only plan well if you have your goals defined. Let’s assume that your company provides SEO services and you want to sell the service out in your Ad campaign.

What is your goal? What do you want to achieve out of that campaign? Do you just need business development or your idea is to let people know about the service provision?

If you have a clearly defined goal it helps in the execution of the ad campaign.

  1. Do follow consistency

If you’re the one who loves to change the branding on your paid Ads every 2 months – you lose your brand’s credibility when it comes to targeting the audience. Your target audience who see your ads should recognize your brand identity no matter what creative you use.

Keeping the same branding doesn’t mean that you should repeat the layouts again and again. Consistency doesn’t have to be non-creative. Consistency in branding only means that the next time when you post an ad your target audience can recognize your brand identity.


  1. Do not follow

When executing Ads businesses usually look at other companies Ads for inspiration. However, a lot of companies in order to take inspiration start following the pattern of other companies ignoring their own strengths, audience, customer base, etc.

In order to execute perfect Ad campaigns you should know what your brand stands for – it’s good to take inspiration but not follow other ad campaigns.

  1. Don’t lose track of your website

If you think that investing in your website is better than your Ad campaign then go for it – because if your ad campaign is perfect but when people go and check your website and it turns out to be an archeological dilemma then work on your website first.

A perfectly executed ad campaign doesn’t end with people getting redirected to your website or getting more engagement or web traffic. It means that you should get some business leads out of it.

  1. Don’t jump on bandwagons

With the constant changes in the advertisements and new trends coming in – it’s okay to keep changing along with the new trends.

For example the new trend of adding QR codes – cannot work with agencies instead can work with product-giving businesses. So, do not jump on new trends just because it’s in – focus on your ad campaign goals while keeping up with new trends.

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