Top 6 Marketing Campaigns You Don’t Want To Miss!

Top 6 Marketing Campaigns You Don’t Want To Miss!

March 12, 2018, Author: mystic-admin_@

Before we find out what’s in store for us in the coming years, we thought why not take a glimpse back at all the most influential, successful, unusual Marketing campaigns of 2017 for inspiration?

We’ll tell you what made them exceptional as a benchmark to be followed this year!

Let’s take a look!

Top Marketing Campaigns:

Dubai – #BeMyGuest


The Ad campaign featuring the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan took the internet by storm last year.

The Department of Tourism, Dubai did an amazing job. It is shown in the marketing campaign how Shahrukh Khan who considers Dubai to be his second home is reminiscing about the days spent in Dubai while rejoicing the new adventures.

He also surprises his fans at random places and welcomes everyone to Dubai in his signature style, to “#BeMyGuest.”

Vodafone – FAKA:


The campaign of Vodafone was one of the most renowned marketing campaigns that gave an unparalleled distribution network in the country and strengthened its presence in the marketplace, as Vodafone “Fakka” micro re-charge cards have become a new currency in Egypt, with little shops across the country stocking the “Fakka” cards to use as change.

Apple – Shot on iphone:


not just a great idea, but a game-changer.” We couldn’t agree more. Unlike so many ads today which simply attack competitors in the field, Apple’s iPhone ads celebrate the users behind the technology.

To do this, Apple crowdsourced photos taken with its iPhone around the world — emphasizing how much the iPhone has democratized technology.

Apple gathered the images via social media and wound up with shots from 77 people in 24 countries, which were subsequently displayed on billboards, bus stops and train stations. The campaign also spread to Apple Stores and, most recently, was expanded to include videos, too. While it’s great to see Apple win for the nifty campaign, it’s no great surprise that the company does advertising really well.

As one of the company’s original ad-men (in the late 1970s) told the news, Steve Jobs insisted from the start that ads highlight the users over the technology. That approach hasn’t changed since — and apparently it’s as much of a “game changer” now as it’s ever been.

Flipkart – #NewPinchDays:


Now let’s talk about eCommerce Marketing Campaigns. India’s very popular eCommerce store Flipkart ran a promotional campaign between 15th and 17th December 2017 to promote the latest offers the store was offering and also to engage more audience.

A three video campaign was created by Flipkart to highlight it’s upcoming promotional offers. The videos showed young kids talking like adults. Take a look at one of the videos:

The brand also utilized the Twitter platform to reach more audience by running a contest with letter puzzles on their twitter account and the fans were asked to solve a riddle or decode the letters in the image.

The campaign was a huge success and received over 11.5 million views on YouTube. On Twitter, it managed to reach 15007 accounts and received 1,34,757 impressions.

Flipkart has just proved that If you add a little twist to your brand story it will surely fetch you some great results. And participation of giveaways always turns a big add-on

Awareness Raising – Worldwide Breast Cancer:


Labelled #KnowYourLemons, this campaign was designed to promote awareness of the various signs of breast cancer on Facebook.

Using lemons bearing various breast cancer symptoms, the advert reminded women that lumps are not the only symptom.

By using an everyday object to depict 12 different signs, the image cleverly gets around censoring rules and aims to help women overcome fears about checking their breasts, through friendly humor.

Leading back to a specialized microsite that gave more information, the image acted as a gateway to the full digital campaign, which included a quiz that viewers could take to see how much they were at risk.

By February, the campaign had reached 7.3 million people in just three Facebook posts alone, securing a substantial increase in donations for Worldwide Breast Cancer.

“#MyFavDairyMilk”- Cadbury:


Creating social buzz with the help of campaigns is quite popular way to engage more and more people towards any brand. Well the same method is adopted by Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Cadbury Dairy Milk created a social buzz to engage more people towards its brand and started a social media campaign named “#MyFavDairyMilk” to introduce the four flavors of Cadbury, in which the brand invited Cadbury fans to vote for their favorite flavors via this campaign.

To make the idea more approachable and to attract a larger audience, a mobile app was also developed. This was the very first time when a chocolate brand had utilized social media platforms so massively to promote their brand.

To introduce the new flavors, Cadbury also used Television Commercials, which further enhanced the social buzz. The Cadbury ads have gained large number of views just because of the innovative and creative ideas they have used.

The campaign had no doubt increased Cadbury sales and also increased the fan following and reach of Cadbury.

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