Why Are Progressive Web Apps Considered the Future of Mobile Apps?

September 1, 2018, Author: mystic-admin_@

The world of technology is thriving, making our lives easier with each passing day. The usage of smartphones and mobile applications has dramatically increased over the last decade, making more and more people depend on these phenomena.

However, mobile apps sometimes lack in providing users with a proper web experience. This is why the need for another platform was felt that resulted in the formation of Progress Web Apps.

So, what exactly are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Applications are web applications introduced back in 2015. They with the help of modern APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provide users with an experience similar to native applications.

Enjoy faster browsing and accessibility while avoiding the hassle of switching apps. The phenomenon of Progressive Web Apps is so incredible that it actually allows users to fulfill all of their requirements by just accessing their web browser.

So, let’s have a look at some more benefits of it!

Loads Instantly:

Regardless of network conditions, Progressive Web Applications are designed to load instantly, filling up your web experience with reliability and convenience.

The pre-cached key resources help users in getting an instant responses, eliminating network dependence.

More Engaging & Faster Web Experience:

A lot of visitors leave way before the web page is completely loaded. Providing timely results, Progressive Web Apps will retain the interest of users for visiting websites while providing them with a fast and highly responsive interface.

It’s Time to Turn Your Mobile Site into A Progress Web App!

Having a Progressive Web Application for your online existence can dramatically increase the number of active users visiting your website.

Let us know your requirements and the team of Mystic Advertising’s web experts will fruitfully help you upgrade your native mobile site to Progressive Web App.

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