Nowadays, every company leads toward the concept of digital marketing. Giant competitors like Facebook, Google, and Apple grasp the idea of Digital Out-of-Home advertising. There are several reasons for which companies move towards DOOH:

  1. It is cost-saving.
  2. It gives great insights to the audience of the message.

According to the statistics by Insider, digital out-of-home advertising spending will be 19.2% $3.84 billion in 2021, which is an increase of 1.6%.

DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home)




Have you ever visited Times Square in New York? I am sure the first thing you noticed was there were billboards, and you must have observed there that the billboards over there were not the same as usual.

The concept of billboards over there is what we refer to as Digital Out-of-Home Advertisement. The Digital Out-of-Home is a relatively more efficacious advertisement than the ordinary OOH because it utilizes modern technology.

With the help of DOOH, for the first time in the history of advertisement, we can run videos and short clips for an ad campaign for a company that attracts millions and millions of people.

Advantages of DOOH

DOOH brings many benefits to the businesses:

  • DOOH advertising is very appealing; it attracts customers more efficiently and makes them stop to look at it.
  • The message of a brand in DOOH advertising displays in high standard quality.
  • One of the main advantages of DOOH advertising is that it can sync with mobile devices or to any other devices from where the content can be changed easily.
  • In DOOH advertising, a message can be conveyed in the form of action.
  • In DOOH advertising, different ads can be played at the same time.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • DOOH advertising allows businesses to gather more detailed data of their target audience as DOOH is technology-based.
  • DOOH targets a large audience.

Which one to choose: OOH or DOOH

Below are the pointers that will make it easier for you understand the difference and benefits between both the advertising techniques.




In the context of the message, DOOH is far better and time-saving.

The reason behind Digital Out-of-Home success is that it’s very dynamic. With the conventional Out-of-Home, once the message has been conveyed, it takes quite an amount of time and labor to change it. Fortunately, that is not the case with DOOH.

With the help of DOOH, we can change a message on the billboards in mere seconds.

It is essential to have an advertisement model which can keep up with the changing trends.

Whereas, OOH is time-consuming as it only reaches the consumers when they step outside their home. Moreover, there will be a need for humans and machines also to do this task.

  • Digital Out-of-Home advertisement is a very dynamic concept.
  • With the help of technology, a message can be replaced with a new trendy topic.
  • Out-of-Home advertisements are not very dynamic.
  • It is consuming to change the message which is being portrayed in OOH advertising.
  • Due to technology, messages can be updated or changed quickly in DOOH advertising.




As you already know, consumer behavior is shifting, and they want more and more interactive content where they interact themselves. Since the digital revolution is increasing with time, the consumers are more involved and interact digitally than any other conventional method; DOOH also provides higher involvement rates among users and potential customers. Digital content in DOOH, for instance, videos, animation, styles, and audio, enables a greater level of interaction.

While in OOH, the advertisement is done in a static ad where there is no action. Consumers get bored after seeing the same message content again and again. Furthermore, in OOH, there is no use of technology, which makes this method boring for this new tech-savvy generation.

  • In DOOH, ads can be run in videos, animation, and audio to significantly impact audiences.
  • In OOH, the advertisement is done in a static form where no action is being performed.

Multiple Ads At Once

If we start with DOOH, in this kind of advertisement that runs on digital billboards or banners, different ads can be portrayed simultaneously. By doing so, other brands can capture and reach mass audiences.

On the other hand, only one ad can be portrayed on the billboards or banners in OOH advertising, and it captures only enough of the audience.

  • DOOH is more effective for the brands and for the marketers as well.
  • OOH only reaches to cover enough audience.
  • DOOH captures mass audiences due to the use of technology in it.

Mystic And Digital Advertisement

 Mystic is one of the leading agencies in the market (locally & internationally). The main aim is to help clients boost their sales, and Mystic believes in their clients’ success. If we highlight Mystic in digital advertisement services, it helps their clients grab the right target market through the digital platforms.

Mystic professionals create highly creative content for the brand’s social media, where they also engage with the followers of the brand to get feedback.

Mystic believes that digital platforms (technology) are becoming powerful, and the most significant social media are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We focus on the content on which the audience holds on.

We move the businesses of our clients by implementing effective marketing strategies.


Digital Out-of-Home Advertisement is revolutionizing the landscape of the advertising model, and many believe that it still has room to evolve and become even better.

Through this interactive medium of outdoor advertisement, everyone may reap the rewards. Making public places more attractive and appealing will also have a significant impact on consumers’ minds, which will play an essential role in the consumer’s buying decision. And they play a crucial role in consumer buying decisions.

It creates a win-win situation for everyone, but the future contains uncertainty. However, DOOH will inevitably be here for a long time because of its practical uses.

In this article we’ve discussed the significant differences between OOH and DOOH and which one creates more impact. So, let us know in the comments below how you like this article and will you prefer OOH or DOOH?